1. Terrance Williams was wide open behind Jason Witten on previous throw by Romo.

  2. Terrance Williams Logs Four Catches In Loss

  3. Terrance Williams Scores In Romo's Return

  4. Watch: Romo Hits T-Will for 31-Yd TD on 3rd Down

  5. The Terrance Williams Struggle Continues In Tampa

  6. Tony Romo on the move there, missing a wide open Terrance Williams

  7. Lucky Whitehead gets the start over Terrance Williams.

  8. Cowboys medical staff appears to be looking at Terrance Williams for shoulder injury.

  9. Terrance Williams Still Can't Get It Going

  10. Terrance Williams Disappoints

  11. No Trust in Out-of-Position Williams in Dallas Offense

  12. Jerry: Terrance Williams is one of the most coachable players I've been around. He'll do everything to get it right. His arrow is going up

  13. Jason Garrett said he has talked dez and Terrance Williams. There will be no more joint celebrations in the end zone

  14. Cowboys' lenghty touchdown drought ended by Terrance Williams https://t.co/J28UEkOxh5 https://t.co/8YazWgKAql

  15. Terrance Williams Grabs 4-of-7 Targets For 70 Yards

  16. Witten, Williams' Updated Outlook with Cassel as QB

  17. T-Will's Bounce-Back Game All for Naught

  18. National reaction: Why Skip Bayless feels like T.O.; a wild Terrance Williams appears https://t.co/Vrb4AFIHDO https://t.co/EkpcY1D9sz

  19. Cowboys' lenghty touchdown drought ended by Terrance Williams https://t.co/lIn9tgqc0C

  20. Tony Romo makes Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams all better https://t.co/C2hyQ74UbK

  21. Watch: Williams' Incredible Diving Catch

  22. Mailbag: Whitehead's Progress? Concerns About T-Will?

  23. Fantasy Football Studs and Duds of Week 3

  24. Penalty aside, Dez Bryant says 'dabbing' with Terrance Williams inspired confidence https://t.co/t06jUAZ8mC

  25. VIDEO: Cowboys' Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams flagged for dabbing during TD celebration. https://t.co/lFb18GVOrz https://t.co/UdXbAovAJJ

  26. Yikes. Jamar Taylor slips on that pass to Terrance Williams. Gain of 16

  27. Romo Hurt: Fantasy Fallout for DAL Playmakers

  28. Williams, Witten's Fantasy Outlook Without Romo

  29. Williams: 'These Are the Moments You Train For'

  30. Vintage Tony Romo: Lofts a perfect DEEP ball and Terrance Williams reels it in for a 31-yard touchdown. #DALvsMIA https://t.co/8zMoc5QZni

  31. Blame that TD on Dez and Terrance Williams' celebration after the TD. Just can't do that.

  32. Cowboys Acquire Raiders 6'3'' WR Butler

  33. Mariota, Cunningham, Williams Among Sell-High Candidates

  34. Put that Miami touchdown on Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams with their unsportsmanlike penalty after the TD. Dolphins had a short drive.

  35. Jamar Taylor never had a chance. Toasted by Terrance Williams, into double coverage, but made a leaping, big-boy touchdown catch.

  36. Dez Injury Gives Terrance Williams Chance to Shine

  37. Williams, Beasley's Fantasy Outlook After Dez's Injury

  38. There is a big play from Tony Romo. Puts the pass on the money to Terrance Williams for a 31-yard TD pass to give Cowboys 14-0 lead.

  39. #Cowboys 14, #Dolphins 0. Romo appears back in the groove on that TD pass to Terrance Williams

  40. Williams Has Only Scratched the Surface with Dallas

  41. Strong Training Camp, Preseason Continues for T-Will

  42. Yes and Terrance Williams did the dab dance in the end zone. he dabbed on them folks

  43. Welcome back No. 9 Romo to Terrance Williams for the 31-yard TD. DAL leads MIA 14-0 https://t.co/psoBcg3xpZ

  44. Williams' Speed Can Be Cowboys' Game-Changer

  45. Watch: Williams Beats 5 Defenders for 60-Yd TD

  46. Dez and Terrance Williams flagged for excessive celebration. They are entitled.There has been a lot of pent of frustration during the streak

  47. Nice throw and nice catch by Terrance Williams. He is a better WR with Dez on the other side.

  48. Really good adjustment by Terrance Williams on the fade. Had that "Ball is Mine" mentality.

  49. Tony Romo with perfect throw to Terrance Williams for first TD in two months. #Cowboys lead, 14-0.

  50. Cowboys overcome second and 27 with two completions to Terrance Williams, the last for 31 yards for a TD. First TD for Romo since opener

  51. Romo to Terrance Williams for the TD...between two defenders...14-0 Cowboys and the fat lady is starting to sing

  52. Terrance Williams was held.

  53. Terrance Williams makes an appearance. First down. #WFAACowboys #DALvsTB #Cowboys #Bucs

  54. Terrance Williams made the catch, but he still caught it against his body. In process world Jason Garrett lives in, he wouldn't approve.

  55. Terrance Williams hasnt been targeted at all in the first half

  56. Terrance Williams has been targeted at all in the first half

  57. Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Lucky Whitehead were in same spot in end zone when Bryant out-jumped everyone for ball and TD.

  58. Cowboys go from losing a TD on an OPI on Terrance Williams to having to punt from the Philly 40 after a sack of Cassel

  59. At least Terrance Williams didn't allow the interception there. That's a start.

  60. Offensive pass interference on Terrance Williams. No TD

  61. Invasion of the body pushers. Terrance Williams strikes again.

  62. Invasion of the body catchers. Terrance Williams strikes again.

  63. That was Terrance Williams fifth drop of the season. That leads the team.