1. Cilic Withdraws from Brisbane with Shoulder Injury

    BRISBANE, Australia (AP) -- U.S. Open champion Marin Cilic has withdrawn from next week's Brisbane International tennis tournament with a right shoulder injury...

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  2. Ranking the Top Foot-in-Mouth Moments in Tennis from 2014  

    As 2014 comes to a close, so do year-end reviews. No look back is complete without recognizing the biggest foot-in-mouth moments. Tennis players are on tour so long and play in so many tournaments that somebody is bound to say something stupid...

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  3. Underrated Tennis Rivalries That Will Grow in 2015

    Tennis is a sport defined by rivalries. The nature of the game lends itself to fierce competition between opponents. Players line up on opposite sides of the net, locking eyes as they battle for supremacy and the right to walk off the court a winner.

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  4. Nadal: No. 1 No Longer an Objective

    Rafael Nadal says he is no longer aiming for the No. 1 ranking, preferring to organize his schedule so he can stay healthy...

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  5. Surviving the Haas of Pain

    There is more than one kind of ironman in sports. The names of the most familiar kind roll off the tongue with ease: Cal Ripken Jr., Brett Favre, A.C. Green. Then there is Roger Federer , who is often said to be made of silk, not iron...

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  6. How Today's Tennis Stars Compare to Past Greats

    Diehard tennis fans love to compare stars to past greats. There are countless ways to analyze data, appraise achievements and wonder how modern players would fare against players of prior generations...

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  7. Women's Tennis Players Who Will Improve the Most in 2015

    The winter break is a time for players to experiment with new tactics, work on weaknesses and search for improvements. The following slides will analyse some of those players who are most likely to improve in 2015...

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  8. Tennis Star Raonic Wins Lionel Conacher Award

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