1. Taylor Lewan not wearing a brace or harness for his shoulder.

  2. Whiz said #Titans have a good treatment plan on Taylor Lewan who has had shoulder stingers

  3. Whiz said Taylor Lewan is a target for the hands to the face call. Said he talked with him about it yesterday.

  4. Taylor Lewan said his shoulder does not need surgery, just has to stay on top of it with rehab.

  5. Taylor Lewan said his arm is being hurt 4 or 5 times a game. Called it a "pinch"

  6. Taylor Lewan suffered what might be a bad left arm injury.

  7. Taylor Lewan holding his left arm coming off the field

  8. Taylor Lewan on the field talking to Richie Incognito. I'll bet that's an interesting conversation.

  9. Taylor Lewan hands to the face. He has been getting called on that a lot this year.

  10. Taylor Lewan called for holding

  11. Lewan said going against #Bills defense is good measuring stick for #Titans o-line, which must protect Marcus Mariota and run block as well

  12. Taylor Lewan said he respects the #Bills chippy play and that's the way defense should be played

  13. Taylor Lewan on #Titans' 2-point try: "It’s the fourth time we ran that play in that formation. Maybe they saw it coming."

  14. Taylor Lewan is back in for the #Titans.

  15. Taylor Lewan is a probable return with a shoulder injury

  16. This comes after Mariota hits Wright yet again, for another 24 yards. Titans in the redzone, with Taylor Lewan still down on the field.

  17. Taylor Lewan on his feet but clearly something wrong with left arm/shoulder. Another big hit to offensive line.

  18. Taylor Lewan down for #Titans

  19. Taylor Lewan is hurt. #Titans

  20. VIDEO: Titans' Taylor Lewan shaves mustache after finding parody Twitter account. http://t.co/RLG8cjSyKH http://t.co/ZFF1pcfe39

  21. #Titans seeking a less "hands-on" Taylor Lewan: http://t.co/hMwJzlILhs http://t.co/IUDtiF75Sy