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  3. #Texans OLB Whitney Mercilus said he wanted to get into Titans Taylor Lewan's head. Said Lewan got frustrated. "I could see it in his face."

  4. Lewan on injured shoulder: Sunday's don't have an asterisk that says this guy played injured

  5. Whiz agrees with Lewan, that there should have been more double teams. But miscommunication was a problem. #Titans

  6. Whiz on Lewan's performance: He had a bad day. He didn't have as good a day technique wise.

  7. Whiz on Lewan's shoulder: You have to fight through some things. Very few players 100%

  8. LT @TaylorLewan77: "Every team needs an identity." Our identity is to be physical and play through the whistle. https://t.co/3oTPszsfB7

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  12. #Titans O-line now: Lewan, Looney, Gallik, Warmack, Bell.

  13. "I had fun playing today." - @TaylorLewan77 Zero sacks allowed: https://t.co/t5gLQiM5Bt https://t.co/ZQaA65GSze

  14. McCluster replaces Lewan as one of #Titans' 5 captains: https://t.co/0JMW01qmHh https://t.co/76gcV0TPsp

  15. Titans' Mularkey strips Lewan of captaincy, adds McCluster https://t.co/rch8FKnBaJ #Titans

  16. McCluster replaces Lewan as one of #Titans' 6 captains: https://t.co/0JMW01qmHh https://t.co/8E0mcRIoOv

  17. ICYMI: McCluster in, Lewan out as one of #Titans' 6 captains: https://t.co/0JMW01qmHh https://t.co/eWYrtVJ7ic

  18. Lewan said he was initially taken aback but said he understood after explanation. Said wasn't about his performance.

  19. Lewan: Having a C on my chest means nothing to me. I just want to play and do what it takes to help this team.

  20. #Titans Lewan on losing his captaincy: "It was a shot to my ego" https://t.co/d38zsZDPuy https://t.co/6GIlwOM2nB

  21. #Titans' Lewan on losing his captaincy: "It was a shot to my ego" https://t.co/d38zsZDPuy https://t.co/j0jhOXM6NL

  22. ICYMI: #Titans' Lewan on losing his captaincy: "It was a shot to my ego" https://t.co/d38zsZme5Y https://t.co/unSZ7gDC5k

  23. Not sure Bell or Lewan touched anyone on that carry for a loss

  24. Lewan and the Titans Oline needs to pick it up. Tennessee relying on Mariota to get it done without running game help...

  25. A lot of truth in what @deemason85 has to say here about @TaylorLewan77 https://t.co/6QWMT68NTe https://t.co/pYomzjXt9j

  26. Jared Odrick whipped by Taylor Lewan on that play.

  27. Dexter McCluster impressive TD run. Interim HC Mike Mularkey thought so much of the RB he made him team captain at expense of Taylor Lewan

  28. Taylor Lewan: "Shot to my ego" to lose captaincy, but I get it https://t.co/myKvHcddnr

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  30. "Keanu Reeves is the worst actor ever. And you can quote me on that." -- #Titans LT Taylor Lewan

  31. #Titans LT Taylor Lewan: The C on my chest doesn't matter to me. What matters is the respect of these guys for my work ethic.

  32. Titans LT Taylor Lewan on losing his captaincy: "Hard to lead guys who've been there and... https://t.co/rfmDt5cSPe https://t.co/OvZFcglzxO

  33. Taylor Lewan said Mike amularkey told him last Tuesday he was being removed as captain because #Titans had many older guys with experience

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  35. Taylor Lewan stripped of his captaincy #Titans https://t.co/Bip0sSk8sc https://t.co/DhURsTCSuW

  36. #Titans RB Dexter McCluster replaces LT Taylor Lewan as an offensive team captain.

  37. Mike Mularkey replaced Taylor Lewan with Dexter McCluster as a Titans offensive captain. https://t.co/AJBWPYbAEb