1. Townsend Becomes American Citizen

    When Darian Townsend first came to the United States a decade ago, it was primarily to further his international swimming career...

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  2. Ian Thorpe Publicly Announces He's Gay in Australian Television Interview

    Ian Thorpe is one of the most popular Australian sportsmen and most decorated swimmers ever. Now he is arguably among the most influential openly gay athletes in the world...

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  3. Van Dyken Rouen Posts Photo from Hospital

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  4. Former Olympic Swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen Severs Spine in ATV Accident

    Former Olympic swimming champion Amy Van Dyken-Rouen is recovering following surgery to stabilize her spine after it was severed during an all-terrain vehicle accident in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Friday, according to Jeff Metcalfe of azcentral...

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  5. Amy Van Dyken Rouen, Six-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Hospitalized

    Six-time Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Amy Van Dyken Rouen was hospitalized in intensive care in Scottsdale, Arizona after sustaining injuries in an all terrain vehicle accident on Friday, the Arizona Republic reported Sunday...

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  6. Phelps to Continue Comeback at Charlotte GP

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  7. Pod of Dolphins Reportedly Aids Open-Water Swimmer Being Tailed by Shark

    British open-water swimmer Adam Walker received some surprise help after spotting a shark during his 16-mile swim in New Zealand's Cook Strait...

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  8. Olympian Ian Thorpe Released from Hospital After Serious Infection

    Update from Wednesday, April 30 Ian Thorpe, five-time Olympic champion in the pool, has taken a significant step toward recovery from a serious infection that required intensive care...

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  9. Fred Phelps Dies, so Twitter Mourns the Still-Alive Olympian Michael Phelps

    Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps died at the age of 84, the BBC reports , but that didn't stop some on Twitter from confusing him for 28-year-old Michael Phelps , subsequently mourning him instead...

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  10. Thorpe Admitted to Rehab for Depression

    Australian swimming great Ian Thorpe has been admitted to rehab after suffering from depression, local media said on Monday.....

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  11. Rebecca Soni Officially Announces Retirement

    American breaststroking superstar Rebecca Soni has announced her retirement from swimming, ending a limbo that she's been in having not competed since winning gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics...

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  12. Michael Phelps' Mom's Desire for Son to Compete in 2016 Olympics Is Good Sign

    While it seemed that Michael Phelps ' swimming career had already come to a close, the world-famous swimmer is back in the pool, and his mom is hoping that he can compete in the 2016 Olympics...

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