1. Moore Wins 3rd-Straight Title at Bells Beach

    Hawaiian Carissa Moore has become the first women's surfer in the professional era to win three straight Rip Curl Pro titles at Bells Beach...

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  2. Moore Claims Third Straight Bells Beach Title

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  3. Slater Fools World with April 1 Prank on Retirement After Bells

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  4. Surfers Take Night Surfing to New Level with LED Lights

    What happens when you combine big waves, a surfboard and LED lights? You get a good time. Surfing is pretty wild without adding any twists. However, going surfing at night takes the sport to the next level...

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  5. Ricardo Dos Santos Dies After Shooting in Brazil

    Tragedy struck Brazil and the surfing community on Tuesday, as Brazilian reports claim that 24-year-old surfer Ricardo Dos Santos died following a shooting on Monday...

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  6. Shark Jumps out of Water to Photobomb Australian Surfing Competition

    What was supposed to be just a simple picture turned out to be an epic shot. According to Rod McGuirk of The Associated Press , amateur photographer Steph Bellamy used her smartphone ...

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  7. Brave Surfers Embraced a New York Blizzard, Went to Catch Waves

    With much of Western New York stuck inside due to a blizzard that left the ground with more than five feet of snow, two surfers braved the elements and wanted to catch some waves...

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  8. Kelly Slater Lands 720 While Surfing in Portugal

    Regardless of whether this is a 720 or 540, it's still incredibly impressive. While surfing in Portugal, Kelly Slater landed an awesome—and unnamed—move on camera...

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  9. Slater Talks Relationship with Andy Irons

    Last week Slater told USA Today that he was not the most interesting man in sports. This week he sits down with Vice Sports to talk about, among other things, his Baywatch experience ...

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  10. GoPro Cameras Show Awesome Footage of a Pig Surfing

    When a pig shows you that he can swim, the next logical thing to do is to put him on a surfboard. With the help of GoPro cameras, we are able to watch Kama the Surfing Pig in action...

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  11. Let's Watch a Baby Seal Try to Surf

    Seals and surfers should be friends. Both parties are constantly cruising the waves, looking for fun and doing their best to avoid being digested by sharks...

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  12. Professional Surfers Take Their Surfboards to the Arctic Circle

    When you think of surfing, you probably envision the coast of California or the lush beaches of Hawaii. The Arctic Circle most likely never crosses your mind...

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