1. The #Texans have released safety Stevie Brown.

  2. Texans release S Stevie Brown.

  3. Texans reportedly release safety Stevie Brown http://t.co/6GO6kusINg

  4. Stevie Brown released by Houston Texans; Could he return to Giants? #nyg http://t.co/pmfRZT3fD1 http://t.co/I3u3surRsp

  5. League source confirms Stevie Brown has been released by Texans

  6. May be better opportunities around the NFL for Stevie Brown to get more playing time

  7. On timing of Stevie Brown's release, source says he wasn't going to make #Texans roster, this gives him head start to catch on elsewhere.

  8. Several NFL teams need depth at safety due to injuries, would imagine Stevie Brown will land somewhere quickly and contribute.

  9. Stevie Brown was playing under a one-year, $825,000 deal that included $40K signing bonus, $40K any game 53-man roster bonus

  10. Two years ago, Stevie Brown had eight interceptions with the Giants. Would imagine he'll draw solid interest from NFL teams

  11. Texans cut safety Stevie Brown, sources say http://t.co/mvei7Jt46k

  12. Texans release safety Stevie Brown http://t.co/YoHZPEF7r4

  13. #Vikings Stevie Brown Released by the Texans - The Houston Texans have released veteran safety Stevie Brown... http://t.co/Ol6wggYtEc

  14. Houston #Texans Cut Stevie Brown. http://t.co/NXbMSPukIh http://t.co/16qiHgvtOA

  15. Texans cut safety Stevie Brown, sources say http://t.co/mvei7Jt46k

  16. Why did the @Texans cut Stevie Brown? @battleredblog weight in http://t.co/2cUE1Wr8jA #nyg

  17. All I've seen of 2015 Texans is Hard Knocks. But do get sense Stevie Brown was being used more in the box than FS, and latter fits NYG best.

  18. Stevie Brown, cut by Texans, could reunite with safety-starved Giants http://t.co/1s4r1VVxbA

  19. #Texans released Stevie Brown before preseason game No. 3. Huh?!?! Makes all too much sense #Giants reunion in works http://t.co/aOlUz9WP3I

  20. Texans make it official announce previously reported release of safety Stevie Brown Brown expected to have better opportunities elsewhere

  21. The Houston Texans have released S Stevie Brown. MORE --> http://t.co/8dFUrpFrpN http://t.co/81rBl77kWQ

  22. #Texans officially announce release of S Stevie Brown. http://t.co/w9QqQFrOUr http://t.co/DqOazCVyUK

  23. As expected, #Giants plan on bringing in former member, & recently cut #Texans safety, Stevie Brown. #NYG

  24. Former Texans safety Stevie Brown visits Giants today, has a few offers from NFL teams, according to a source.

  25. Former Texans safety Stevie Brown visiting Giants today http://t.co/riqEDxzAGn

  26. Stevie Brown know safety is #Giants "position of need." Says #Texans didn't work in part b/c he wasn't being used to his strength

  27. Stevie Brown says he asked for his release from #Texans

  28. Stevie Brown said he asked Texans for his release. Sounds like he will not practice until tomorrow, so today likely mental day. #NYG #Giants

  29. Glad for Stevie Brown that he rejoined the Giants. That's where his heart remained and he wasn't a great fit for Texans.

  30. Stevie Brown is back with #Giants after asking for his release from the #Texans. Opportunity is there for him http://t.co/wPhQZwOUGU

  31. Giants cut former Texans safety Stevie Brown

  32. Lions tried out former Texans safety Stevie Brown, Kaelin Clay, Charles Godfrey, Brandian Ross, Mickey Shuler