1. It's the #FirstDayOfSchool for a lot of students, including @PAEA_90's daughter! READ | http://t.co/Hb71CVnUkg http://t.co/JNJQO3TtKf

  2. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  3. DL: Golston, Hatcher, Jean Francois, Kearse, Paea, Baker, Knighton

  4. Barry preaches swarming to the ball. Redskins did just that. Got the stop on third-and-1. Hatcher, Paea and Co. met Miller.

  5. Stephen Paea, Shawn Lauvao named to Polynesian Pro Football Player of Year watch list. READ: http://t.co/X0ekLMbEGu http://t.co/CDxOkBTjlW

  6. YES SIR! Foles drops the ball and is stopped by Stephen Paea (@PAEA_90) to force the punt! 1st and 10 #Redskins from their 28.

  7. As always - 3rd and 13 no way to go through life. #Redskins got pressure led by Ryan Kerrigan. Stephen Paea on tackle. 3. And. Out.

  8. Paea gets some pressure. Defense hasn't done much of that thus far.

  9. 1st person take: Redskins' Stephen Paea on playing in the slop: "everyone was complaining." No fans of soldier field http://t.co/iaLYfiUFno

  10. 1st person look at bad weather games... Redskins' Stephen Paea has no fond memories of playing in sloppy weather http://t.co/iaLYfiUFno

  11. Kerrigan missed a sack, and Paea almost had one as well. Bradford overthrows receiver under pressure. Fourth down.

  12. Stephen Paea rush forces Ryan into incompletion and brings on fourth down. But Falcons again going for it.

  13. The Right side of the Atlanta line is getting crushed. Stephen Paea came through untouched and drilled Matt Ryan

  14. DNP: Hall, Reed, Hatcher (rest). LP: Breeland, Culliver, Lichtensteiger, Paea, Jones, Trent Williams. WATCH LIVE: http://t.co/dxcwD2h56o

  15. DNP today: Hall, Reed, Culliver, Lichtensteiger, T. Williams. LTD: Roberts, Jackson, Jones, Paea. WATCH LIVE: http://t.co/YXdccBKfA9

  16. #Redskins are now down 6 players for #Jets game. All starters. Rookie RB Matt Jones (toe) and DE Stephen Paea (back) still questionable, too

  17. Man, Chris Baker has been a beast all season.. #Redskins challenged him by signing Paea.. he's responded! #RedskinsTalk..

  18. THAT was a good defensive series. 3-and-out. The oft-cut Frank Kearse even got on the field. Stephen Paea (back) must be really hurting

  19. Redskins snap counts vs. Jets: Stephen Paea doesn’t play in loss https://t.co/h5KcPgcsjE

  20. #Redskins must have a fairly high degree of confidence in Paea and Hatcher's injuries not hampering them today with Kearse inactive.

  21. Could use Baker at NT. Or keep him at DE and use Paea. https://t.co/4Ne0nQOeVO

  22. Paea with the sack. Powered his way through their for a loss of 8.

  23. NOPE. @PAEA_90 sacks Brees and forces a 4th and long. #NOvsWAS https://t.co/Obp708JZVm

  24. Stephen Paea has been showing better last few weeks. He and Preston Smith caved right side of #Saints line there. Paea w/ the sack.

  25. Stephen Paea had Blount dropped for 2-yard loss on 2nd down and couldn't hold. That time he got him, forced a fumble. #Patriots settle for 3

  26. Stephen Paea with a huge sack. CRUSHES Winston and the ball is now at the 40. 3rd and 27. I'd cover Mike Evans here. On to 4th quarter

  27. BROUGHT DOWN! 10 yard loss for the Bucs. Split between Paea & Knighton. 3rd down. https://t.co/gHHZAdYT06

  28. Redskins defense closes out the quarter with a sack split between Paea and Knighton. Bucs will open fourth facing third-and-26 at the 39.

  29. Redskins list RB Chris Thompson "doubtful," with DE Hatcher, DL Paea, TE Reed, LB Robinson, OT Williams all "questionable" vs. Bucs ...

  30. Chris Thompson and Stephen Paea making progress on their back injuries https://t.co/2tXc3XOshj