1. SIU's Hinson Struggling to Cope with Family Tragedy

    CARBONDALE, ILL. • The five acres that surround Barry Hinson's refurbished house on the outskirts of town are a work in progress. And that's exactly the way he likes it...

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  2. SIU's Hinson to Miss Game After Son-in-Law's Death

    CARBONDALE, Ill. (AP) — Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson will miss the Salukis' road game against Miami (Ohio) on Sunday following the death of his son-in-law...

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  3. 2013 Season Already a Test of Character for SIU Head Coach Barry Hinson

    Strewn amongst the mind-numbing stories about commercialism and greed, violence and petty problems remain as blatant reminders of what the holidays are truly about...

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  4. Barry Hinson Rant Will Help Turn Around Southern Illinois Basketball Program

    Southern Illinois head men’s basketball coach Barry Hinson has cemented his spot in the annals of postgame blowups history, and if the players receive the message, he may have single-handedly saved the Salukis ' season...

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  5. SIU Basketball Coach Goes on Amazing Tirade, Mentions Wife's Pump-Fake Skills

    Cue up the SportsCenter replays—we’ve got another classic coach moment. Rather, there was an abundance of beautiful instances during Barry Hinson’s rant on Tuesday night...

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  6. Ibby Djimde to Transfer to SIU

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