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USA Beats Japan in World Cup of Softball

By Matt Fitzgerald (Photo: Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press)

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    World Cup of Softball Saturday Scores

    by Adam Wells

    Saturday is the key day of action at the World Cup of Softball. It's the final day of games in which teams can improve their standing with a win or lose ground with a loss before Sunday's final four ... Read More »

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    Complete Recap for World Cup of Softball

    by Adam Wells

    The 2015 World Cup of Softball has been going on for four days thus far, and things have started to come into focus before Sunday's final slate of games. Not surprisingly, the United States nationa... Read More »

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    Full Recap for World Cup of Softball

    by Tim Daniels

    The United States and Japan, which are setting the pace atop the 2015 World Cup of Softball standings, will face off on Thursday night in the marquee matchup of the round-robin stage... Read More »

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    World Cup of Softball Wednesday Scores

    by Adam Wells

    The running thread thus far at the 2015 World Cup of Softball is that Japan and the United States national team are operating at a different level than everyone else. This isn't shocking to anyon... Read More »

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    World Cup of Softball Tuesday Scores

    by Adam Wells

    After a strong opening day for four teams at the 2015 World Cup of Softball, Tuesday featured another full slate of five games with the rest of the field getting in on the action... Read More »