1. It's the LAST DAY to vote for @Kellyclarkfdn as @WomensSportsFdn's Sportswomen of the Year! http://t.co/KA23mCbd5X http://t.co/kaJcGqB33C

  2. Farrington Inspires with Crazy Climbing Trip

  3. Crown Range. #NZ @ Crown Range Pass https://t.co/dvfSRHCih3

  4. Australia  #LiveYours http://t.co/FQNUoURPqd

  5. Battling fog, @gregbretzz took the top American spot at @wintergamesnz halfpipe. http://t.co/MU0THXHK72 http://t.co/Z0f7RYPI8v

  6. Wavy hair don't care!:) @MTVBananas http://t.co/IT5fUBA76j

  7. Big smiles from Mikkel & Myself. #Australia is treating us well! Regram from #burtonjapan http://t.co/1rqI011nXf

  8. A snap from my walk the other night. #NZ @ Lake Wanaka Outlet Track https://t.co/hF4IFpwBKZ

  9. Team bonding! @ussnowboarding's @hannahteter + @usskiteam's @JuliaMancuso grab some SUP training on Lake Tahoe. http://t.co/fYs19hlJRq

  10. I don't know who was more excited that I made finals today... Pengi the penguin or me? #wintergamesNZ… https://t.co/dXr8gXqQQm

  11. Turns out, snowboarding is really fun. #Ridingisthereason @burtonsnowboard @ioncamera Photo:… https://t.co/XXnvbisr6M

  12. Wishing I could've spent today with this cutie, but I've been too busy rushing sororities and buying Starbucks cards. http://t.co/K7kPivjCHV

  13. Excited to shred this bad boy! http://t.co/FdTZAGqcHQ

  14. Celebrating #NationalDogDay with our adorable mascot, Champ! #WhatMakesAChamp http://t.co/TbOJa882SV

  15. Mountain tops @burtonsnowboard #NZ #Ridingisthereason @ Ohau https://t.co/fT7PMldLEA

  16. If you had no responsibilities where would you be? I know where I'd try to be  @5GumCan #5TruthorDare http://t.co/GCaWu67uHy

  17. Down under keeping it skate style with @Craig_McMorris  #Australia http://t.co/paF4SzburQ

  18. Tahoe beaches are the best!:) http://t.co/9gPWCeIWd4

  19. Rainy day adventures with @burtonsnowboard. #DurableGoods Photo: @frankiechapin @ Blue Pools, New… https://t.co/RELr4ZmrS6

  20. It sure is scenic here in NZ. https://t.co/UICmyzXxN9

  21. Footbridge NZ. https://t.co/ouOJxs5XnE

  22. Packed up the ponies and left my beautiful hometown in the rearview... On to the next adventure! #gettingedumacated http://t.co/JNsz5AxlOl

  23. Chris Corning takes his first WC win at @wintergamesnz + @JamieAsnow nails another victory. http://t.co/B7DyuuUA4g http://t.co/MTvp7V92mw

  24. Hike it out. #NZ #Ridingisthereason @burtonsnowboard Photo: annagassersnow @ Ohau, New Zealand https://t.co/g3N9vaFZAH