1. Meet Skater Samarria Brevard, the 1st Black Woman to Medal in the X Games

    Samarria Brevard is many things. The 24-year-old SoCal native is a top female skater, an emerging style icon and a history-changing figure in a sport that has not always been kind to outsiders...

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  2. Gone Too Soon: How CJ Tambornino's OD May Be a Window into Larger Issue

    Occasionally, a skateboarding genius or two could land something like an ollie inward 360 heelflip, but not off the drops (“hucking”) or high hips that Christopher “CJ” Tambornino favored...

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  3. Bob Burnquist Announces 2017 X Games Will Be Last of Career

    Legendary X Games skateboarder Bob Burnquist announced his retirement from the event Saturday after failing to medal in the big air event. Burnquist, 40, has the most medals in X Games history...

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  4. Meet a 9-Year-Old Skater Who Wowed Tony Hawk with a Killer Heelflip in a Tutu

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  5. This Ridiculous 10-Year-Old Is Getting Praise from Skateboarding Legends

    Meet the 10-year-old skateboarder who is shredding his competition around the globe. Gavin Bottger is sponsored by Powell-Peralta , GoPro , NikeSB , Independent , Bones , S1 , 187 , Grizzly , Glassy , Grom , Ethika and McGills ...

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  6. Self-Taught French Bulldog Shreds at the Skatepark

    Eric is a French bulldog. He is also the greatest thing you've ever seen on four wheels and four paws. Check him out above...

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  7. 13-Year-Old Viral Trickster Is a Skateboarding Sensation

    Isamu Yamamoto is a 13-year-old viral star tearing it up on the competitive freestyle skateboarding scene. For more, check out his YouTube page ...

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