1. Gone Too Soon: How CJ Tambornino's OD May Be a Window into Larger Issue

    Occasionally, a skateboarding genius or two could land something like an ollie inward 360 heelflip, but not off the drops (“hucking”) or high hips that Christopher “CJ” Tambornino favored...

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  2. Bob Burnquist Announces 2017 X Games Will Be Last of Career

    Legendary X Games skateboarder Bob Burnquist announced his retirement from the event Saturday after failing to medal in the big air event. Burnquist, 40, has the most medals in X Games history...

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  3. Meet a 9-Year-Old Skater Who Wowed Tony Hawk with a Killer Heelflip in a Tutu

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  4. This Ridiculous 10-Year-Old Is Getting Praise from Skateboarding Legends

    Meet the 10-year-old skateboarder who is shredding his competition around the globe. Gavin Bottger is sponsored by Powell-Peralta , GoPro , NikeSB , Independent , Bones , S1 , 187 , Grizzly , Glassy , Grom , Ethika and McGills ...

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  5. Self-Taught French Bulldog Shreds at the Skatepark

    Eric is a French bulldog. He is also the greatest thing you've ever seen on four wheels and four paws. Check him out above...

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  6. 13-Year-Old Viral Trickster Is a Skateboarding Sensation

    Isamu Yamamoto is a 13-year-old viral star tearing it up on the competitive freestyle skateboarding scene. For more, check out his YouTube page ...

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  7. Meet Marcelo, the Blind Skateboarder Who Keeps Getting Better at What He Loves

    Most skateboarders will encounter broken bones, but Marcelo Lusardi came up against one thing that could not be repaired. Watch the teenager's incredible journey above...

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