Tony Hawk Rides Real Hoverboard

By Sean Fay (Photo: YouTube)

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    9-Year Old Prodigy Lands Halfpipe 540

    by Kyle Newport

    Sabre Norris can't ride a bike, but she can pull off a 540-degree spin on the halfpipe . The nine-year-old from New South Wales, Australia, didn't pull off the trick immediately, but that didn't... Read More »

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    Tony Hawk Takes On a MINI Cooper

    by Kyle Newport

    Tony Hawk is not afraid of an oncoming car. With a Mini Cooper quickly approaching, Hawk was able to use the ramp to get high enough in the air to sail over the car. Although it was a pretty risky... Read More »

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    Two-Year-Old Can Shred on Skateboard

    by Tyler Brooke

    It takes a lot of work to become good at skateboarding, at least for some. For one two-year-old in Australia, skateboarding is a breeze. Meet Kahlei from Victoria, Australia... Read More »

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    Insane Downhill Skateboarding

    by Dan Carson

    Downhill skateboard racing—is there anything else quite like it? The wind in your helmet, the beautiful scenery, the imminent threat of skin-shearing demise lurking around every corner... Read More »

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    Angry Mom Punches Skateboarder

    by Dan Carson

    Skateboarding is a dangerous sport. You can eat it and shatter your wrist. You can land awkwardly and roll an ankle. Heck, landing tricks even puts your nether region at risk... Read More »