1. How Sin Cara and Kalisto Can Replace Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio

    Alberto Del Rio is gone, and all signs point to Rey Mysterio leaving WWE when his contract expires. This leaves a big vacuum in the Latino Superstars category, but WWE has two luchadores already in their employ who can help ease the pain...

    The Doctor Chris Mueller Written by The Doctor Chris Mueller about 1 month ago 82,506 reads 74 comments

  2. WWE Money in the Bank 2014: 10 Stars That Deserve a Midcard Ladder Match

    With the changes to the card, the 2014 WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view may end up not actually having a briefcase title shot involved at all...

    Anthony Mango Written by Anthony Mango about 4 months ago 28,417 reads 118 comments

  3. 5 Tag Teams That Never Should Have Been Broken Up

    Geoffrey Chaucer was certainly right when he said all good things must come to an end, but not everything ends at the right time...

    The Doctor Chris Mueller Written by The Doctor Chris Mueller about 7 months ago 67,677 reads 131 comments

  4. Full Preview for WWE Main Event Featuring Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio

    Welcome to your weekly spoiler-free preview of WWE Main Event. Here, you will get a rundown of all of the matches set to take place and the possible repercussions...

    The Doctor Chris Mueller Written by The Doctor Chris Mueller about 9 months ago 4,285 reads 18 comments

  5. WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Superstars That Will Disappoint in Battle Royal

    As the Royal Rumble looms very near on the horizon, the WWE Universe is gearing up for a winter showdown that pits many of the top superstars in the company against each other in one ring, with only one man emerging victorious from the pile...

    Bryan Haas Written by Bryan Haas about 10 months ago 43,127 reads 117 comments

  6. WWE Never Say Never: Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara Is Still a Money Match

    The Sin Cara era of WWE 's limited, but lucrative, Lucha Libra genre is set to begin whenever the promotion—and Rey Mysterio —is ready...

    Alfred Konuwa Written by Alfred Konuwa about 11 months ago 14,593 reads 53 comments

  7. Comparing Hunico and the Original Sin Cara's Ring Work

    Hunico at the helm of the Sin Cara character is an upgrade. The original Sin Cara edges the man currently donning the mask in terms of athleticism, but Hunico is a more versatile and consistent in-ring performer...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 11 months ago 24,057 reads 42 comments

  8. Sin Cara the Character Is More Valuable Than Who's Under the Mask

    The legacy of Batman survived after George Clooney played the part, let's hope the same can be said for Sin Cara . The man who was known in Mexico as Mistico , has had a bad run in WWE debuting in 2011 as Sin Cara...

    Justin LaBar Written by Justin LaBar about 11 months ago 16,900 reads 43 comments

  9. Report: The Original Sin Cara Done with WWE?

    Sin Cara is back in WWE ! Well, OK. A version of Sin Cara is back, anyway. As Mike Johnson of PWInsider notes, it was in fact Hunico who wrestled behind the mask on Raw and defeated former world heavyweight Alberto Del Rio in a shock upset.

    Sharon Glencross Written by Sharon Glencross about 11 months ago 59,407 reads 184 comments