1. Short-Track Olympian J.R. Celski Is the Flower That Never Bloomed in Sochi

    JR Celski has become the Dan Jansen of these Sochi Olympics. He arrived in Russia riding high, owner of a world record in the 500-meter short-track skating event and with thoughts ...

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  2. Men's Speedskating Olympics 2014: Short Track 5000m Relay Medal Winners, Results

    It became a two-team race early, but Russia edged the United States in a great finish in the men's 5,000m short-track relay. Russia set a new Olympic record of six minutes and 42...

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  3. Olympic Speedskating Results 2014: Men's Short Track 500m Medal Winners

    In fourth place during the men's short track 500-meter final with a podium appearance on the line, Russia's Victor An exploded for an epic comeback with two laps to go and stole the gold...

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  4. Women's Speedskating Olympics 2014: Short Track 1000m Medal Winners and Results

    Short-track speedskating at the 2014 Winter Olympics has come to a close. It ended with a bang on the women’s side, as the finals for the 1,000-meter was one of the most thrilling events of the Sochi Games...

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  5. Olympic Short-Track Speedskating 2014: Preview and Predictions for Men's 500m

    The final men's individual short-track event at the 2014 Winter Olympics takes place on Friday with the 500-meter race. The medal events at the Iceberg Skating Palace have seen six different nations win a medal, but not the United States...

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  6. Twitter Trolls Almost Ruined Speedskater Christie's Olympics

    SOCHI, Russia -- The record shows that Elise Christie defeated three people in her short-track speedskating 1000-meter heat Tuesday. Christie knows better...

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  7. Olympic Speedskating 2014: Women's Short-Track 3,000-Meter Relay Results

    South Korea have won gold in the women's short-track 3,000-meter relay on Day 11 at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi . Canada claimed silver, while Italy took bronze...

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  8. Olympic Speedskating Results 2014: Women's Short Track 1500m Medal Winners

    It's impressive enough that Yang Zhou defended her gold medal in the women's short-track 1,500-meter race Saturday morning...

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  9. Olympic Speedskating Results 2014: Men's Short Track 1000m Medal Winners

    The Iceberg Skating Palace was a raucous scene on Saturday for the men's 1,000-meter event in short-track speedskating...

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  10. Men's 1000 m Finals - Short Track - Sochi 2014 Olympics

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  11. Ladies' 1500 m Finals - Short Track - Sochi 2014 Olympics

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  12. J.R. Celski Fails to Medal in Men's 1,000-Meter Race at Sochi 2014 Olympics

    J.R. Celski is the present and future of American short-track speedskating , but his medal drought in Sochi continued on Saturday as he failed to reach the podium in the 1,000-meter race at the 2014 Winter Olympics ...

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  13. US Olympic Speedskating 2014: J.R. Celski Will Redeem Team in 1,000M Short Track

    Speedskating has been a rather one-sided sport at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi , Russia...

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  14. Women's Speedskating Olympics 2014: Short-Track 500-Meter Medal Winners, Results

    They always say the 500-meter short track is one of the more thrilling and unpredictable events in the Winter Olympics . Well, "unpredictable" and "thrilling" are two of the most mild adjectives one could use to describe Thursday's final in Sochi ..

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  15. Ladies' 500 m Finals - Short Track - Sochi 2014 Olympics

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  16. Men's 5000 M Relay Semifinals

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  17. Men's 1000 M Heats

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  18. Olympic Short-Track Men's, Women's Speedskating 2014: Live 500m, Relay Results

    Short-track speedskating has a reputation for delivering unexpected results. That was the case at the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi on Thursday, where fans saw crashes galore...

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  19. Performance Director Horsepool Confirms Whelbourne in 1000m

    British short track speed skating performance director Stuart Horsepool has confirmed Jack Whelbourne will skate in the 1000m heats – and he'll be holding his breath while he watches...

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  20. Image: Hamelin Shows off Medal/'New Roommate'

    Our new roommate in the condo! It feel pretty awesome! Notre nouveau coloc dans le condo! Très fou! #Olympics #Olympique #Sochi #2014 #Iceberg #Canada #TeamCanada #EquipeCanada #goldmedal #medailledor #awesome #wearewinter #noussommeslhiverFollow...

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  21. Olympic Speedskating Schedule 2014: TV Info, Live Stream and Day 3 Preview

    The 2014 Winter Olympics have been sensational thus far, but Day 3 of the competition will bring speedskating to the forefront of the Olympics stage...

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  22. Olympic Short-Track Speedskating 2014: Results Tracker, Medal Winners and More

    Welcome to Bleacher Report’s hub for all things Olympic short-track speedskating. We’ll provide you with updates and analysis right here after each event of the competition in Sochi...

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  23. J.R. Celski Primed to Show There's Life After Apolo Ohno in US Speedskating

    J.R. Celski doesn't have a soul patch or a red bandana or longish hair. But he does have a cool commercial. The short-track speedskater is the subject of one of those Olympic television commercials that can make you go all warm and fuzzy...

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  24. 2014 Olympic Short-Track Speedskating: Preview of Men's 1,500-Meter Medal Race

    Men's 1,500-meter short-track speedskating is one of the most contentious events at the Winter Olympics. The high-speed event, coupled with perilously tight turns, all but guarantees exhilarating finishes and unexpected outcomes...

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  25. US Olympic Speedskating 2014: Short-Track Team Will Leave Controversy Behind

    Team USA is expected to bring back multiple medals from the speedskating events in Sochi . Both the men's and women's teams have top contenders for gold on the long track...

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