1. WWE SummerSlam 2015: Feuds Guaranteed to Disappoint Fans

    With a hefty 10 matches slated for this year's edition of SummerSlam , it's sadly inevitable that a couple of feuds on the card will ultimately flatter to deceive...

    Aaron Bower Written by Aaron Bower about 10 months ago 26,575 reads 100 comments

  2. WWE SummerSlam 2015: Undercard Matches Fans Deserve to See

    There's been a flurry of activity involving WWE SummerSlam this week, with six matches announced since Smackdown last Thursday. Many of those announcements, however, have been anticlimactic...

    James Moffat Written by James Moffat about 11 months ago 14,261 reads 30 comments

  3. WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Sheamus, Kane and More

    On Monday's Raw, WWE fans saw Sheamus return to action and end up only a failed cash-in away from becoming world champ, but Kane has still not shown his sneering face in weeks...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 11 months ago 20,691 reads 12 comments

  4. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton Feud Is Crushing Stars' Momentum on Road to SummerSlam

    There are few Superstars in today's WWE who have as much history as Randy Orton and Sheamus . They've crossed paths on countless occasions over the last five years and currently find themselves in another heated rivalry on the road to SummerSlam .

    Graham GSM Matthews Written by Graham GSM Matthews about 11 months ago 14,696 reads 67 comments

  5. WWE SummerSlam 2015: Overlooked Stars Who Will Make Big Impacts at PPV

    Coming out of the Battleground pay-per-view, the WWE Universe’s excitement has grown, but there are still several Superstars who are being overlooked heading into the 2015 edition of SummerSlam on August 23...

    Donald Wood Written by Donald Wood about 11 months ago 21,818 reads 43 comments

  6. WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 7/13/2015: Pre WWE Battleground 2015 Edition

    On the heels of Beast in the East and with WWE Battleground 2015 is this coming Sunday, the WWE Superstar Power Rankings have seem some changes heading into WWE's latest big event...

    Alex Musso Written by Alex Musso about 12 months ago 14,522 reads 9 comments

  7. WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 7/6/2015

    Like summer, WWE is starting to heat up as WWE Battleground 2015 quickly approaches, and the WWE Superstar Power Rankings have experienced a few big changes. But Battleground isn't the only big event in July...

    Alex Musso Written by Alex Musso about 12 months ago 30,043 reads 51 comments

  8. WWE Battleground 2015: Fantasy Booking a Sheamus Championship Cash-in

    Since winning the Money in the Bank ladder match last month, debate has ensued: Was Sheamus the right Superstar to win? And if yes, then when might his cash-in take place? Sheamus ...

    James Moffat Written by James Moffat about 12 months ago 15,912 reads 25 comments