1. A Shaun Hill INT gives DAL the ball. #VikingsGameday

  2. The #Vikings have not had a pass hit the ground tonight. Teddy Bridgewater is 7 of 7 and Shaun Hill is 5 of 6 with one interception.

  3. Vikings quarterback Shaun Hill's ambition clearly exceeds his talent.

  4. Shaun Hill is done as we start the second half. Taylor Heinicke in at quarterback for the #Vikings.

  5. Here's a true Survivor's Tale: Not counting Shaun Hill, Marcus Sherels is one of only five #Vikings players who was on the team before 2011.

  6. Remember the Favre-to-Lewis game? Remember which current Vikings QB was on the wrong side of it? Shaun Hill: http://t.co/HgLa8gqLiO

  7. Shaun Hill shares his memories of a Vikings-49ers matchup from Sept. 2009. We're guessing you remember the game: http://t.co/HgLa8gqLiO

  8. #Vikings QB Shaun Hill was on the other sideline during Brett Favre's 2009 heroics vs. 49ers: http://t.co/Q1bVMitw9p http://t.co/iFUpIvMMNj

  9. #Vikings QB Shaun Hill was on the other sideline during Brett Favre's 2009 heroics vs. 49ers: http://t.co/D7fIMRMSD7 http://t.co/lW7mdhA7iv

  10. Shaun Hill is warming up on the sidelines. #Vikings

  11. Shaun Hill, who used to throw to him on Lions, and others on #Vikings talk about what a threat Calvin Johnson is: http://t.co/jcjJE48Ujx

  12. The #Vikings players peppered Shaun Hill a bit this week with questions about Lions but he said couldn't help a lot due to coaching changes

  13. If #Vikings backup Shaun Hill were to get into game today it would be his first time against Lions since he played with them from 2010-13.

  14. Only active #Vikings who didn't play were reserve QB Shaun Hill and OL Jeremiah Sirles.

  15. I wonder if Rick could/would flip Shaun Hill for a draft pick. I mean, how much is he valued compared to Heinicke?

  16. Dan Orlovsky going in the game for the Lions. Shaun Hill was the last QB to throw a pass for the Lions other than Stafford, in 2012.

  17. Aaron Donald on Sunday and Vikings backup C is hurt....Shaun Hill may just get some play time...... #sarcasmfont

  18. Adrian Peterson carries #Vikings to midfield, then drive stalls after a couple Shaun Hill dropbacks. Hold 18-15 lead, #Rams ball, 7:44 left

  19. Barring a Miami Hurricane-like kickoff return, #Vikings will head into overtime with Shaun Hill at QB, playing his first game of the season.

  20. Teddy Bridgewater walking off field on own power. Shaun Hill in

  21. Bridgewater walks off the field under his own power, Shaun Hill enters the game for #Vikings

  22. Shaun Hill comes on for the 3rd down play after @teddyb_h2o goes down.

  23. Teddy Bridgewater knocked from the game with injury and Shaun Hill back in again

  24. The dropoff from Teddy to Shaun Hill is dramatic...and that's scary considering TB led passing offense is almost last in the league.

  25. Shaun Hill takes over for Teddy Bridgewater and the #Vikings talk about two dirty plays on Teddy. https://t.co/Eoya5msxxt

  26. Watch postgame reaction from Shaun Hill and other #Vikings after yesterday's overtime win. https://t.co/YhAu2XCV6I https://t.co/n8KYPi2qxh

  27. Interestingly, #Vikings backup QB Shaun Hill, who replaced Teddy Bridgewater, has better career passer rating than Bridgewater: 85.5 to 85.3

  28. "I feel confident. I feel comfortable in this system and comfortable with this team." - Shaun Hill

  29. It's the Shaun Hill show from here on out, folks. https://t.co/KgvsU4w02B

  30. Teddy Bridgewater is headed to the #Vikings locker room to be evaluated for concussion after late hit. Shaun Hill in at QB

  31. First game action for Shaun Hill in regular season since Dec. 28, 2014 for Rams vs. Seattle.

  32. And now the Shaun Hill REVENGE GAME we all thought we'd see.

  33. Shaun Hill in the game. Pass to Adrian. Caught. Fumble. Diggs saves the day. Gain of 9. #Vikings #skol

  34. Shaun Hill throws to Adrian Peterson, who fumbles and Stefon Diggs saves the day with the recovery. #Vikings

  35. Shaun Hill throws to Adrian Peterson, who fumbles and Stefon Diggs saves the day with the recovery. #Vikings

  36. That's old friend Shaun Hill in at Qb for Minny.

  37. Shaun Hill is in for the injured Teddy Bridgewater.

  38. Shaun Hill in to face his former team as Bridgewater walks off.