1. Texans game captains are J.J. Watt, Duane Brown, Vince Wilfork, Shane Lechler, Saints win coin toss (heads), will receive opening kickoff

  2. Captains today for #Texans: Watt, Lechler and Washington. #TexansGameday

  3. Texans' game captains are J.J. Watt, Nate Washington and Shane Lechler

  4. Lechler just uncorked a 30-yard punt after his 38-yard punt. When lechler's cranking out punts in the 30s, something's obviously wrong.

  5. Watt, Brown, Lechler and Joseph are #Texans captains.

  6. Hopkins, Lechler and Joseph were coin toss captains. #Texans lose the toss, and will receive to start game.

  7. 3rd down pass incomplete. Lechler punt fair caught at the 11-yard line. 0-0 in Jacksonville early. >>> http://t.co/9hcverqVcs

  8. 3rd and 9 and the #Texans are short of the 1st down as Hoyer flips it to Arian. Lechler in to punt. >>>  

  9. Best pressure on punter all year, Skuta barely missed blocking Lechler punt. #Jaguars

  10. Lechler on Campbell "It was a great move. I'm not surprised by what they did in Tennessee. I know his knowledge of the game and work ethic."

  11. Lechler on Campbell "He was a big-time leader for us, 2. He always had the respect of his team."

  12. Lechler on Campbell "I wished him good luck in two weeks but not this week. They couldn't have gotten a better man for the job."

  13. Campbell "Don't talk crap to Lechler cause that makes him better."

  14. Lechler, #Dolphins coach Dan Campbell, college roommates, & dinner with @Metallica. MORE: https://t.co/bHv0WTaQnD https://t.co/KeJk68d1es

  15. Cushing, Hopkins and Lechler are the Texans captains today. #TexansGameday

  16. #Texans 1st drive goes 3&Out and Lechler punt has #Mia starting inside their 14-yard line.

  17. Terrible punt by Lechler, 33 yards to give Miami ball at midfield. These guys must have spent yesterday at South Beach.

  18. Wilfork, Watt, Brown & Lechler are today's #Texans captains.

  19. Lechler's 42-yard punt downed at Titans' 6 yard-line by fan favorite Charles James.

  20. Lechler's 60-yard punt returned 37 yards by McCluster to Texans 28 with 1:50 left.

  21. #Texans can't convert on 3rd down. Lechler on to punt for the 3rd time tonight.

  22. #Lechler punt is fair caught at the 9-yard line. #Typical.

  23. #Texans will have to punt after 3rd down pass incomplete. #Lechler punt goes into endzone. #Bengals ball at the 20 https://t.co/N5nvgxsaBx

  24. 21-yard punt for Lechler. Geez.

  25. Pitch to Grimes does not get anywhere on 3rd down. Lechler in to punt again. @SeanTPendergast hates that play call. #BTW.

  26. That Lechler guy is pretty good. #FutureHallOfFamer

  27. Golden Tate was running backward pretty quickly to track down that booming King punt. Kinda reminiscent of the Lechler 80-yard punt.

  28. Terrible series by Texans offense. No first down. 45-yard punt by Lechler. Jets have ball at their 41 with 3:08 left, Texans up 24-17.

  29. Sunday's game vs. the Saints is #TexansHomecoming. Check out P Shane Lechler’s homecoming high school visit. WATCH: https://t.co/koni7D1xB2

  30. Shane Lechler 63-yard punt after bad series by Texans offense. Jets take over at their 20-yard line with 2:19 to play

  31. King hammers that punt, Shane Lechler style . . . Raiders defense needs to get back on track.

  32. Then Pacman Jones returns punt 27 yards, but offsetting penalties cause another Shane Lechler punt.

  33. Holding on both teams means we will have another Shane Lechler punt.

  34. Draw play on 3rd & 16 goes for 7 yards. #Texans send out the future hall of famer Shane Lechler. who booms one. #Bengals ball, 1st qtr.

  35. Texans' game captains were Duane Brown, J.J. Watt and Shane Lechler.

  36. Texans' Nick Novak, Shane Lechler find My All-American movie inspirational https://t.co/mMLbTsnSbp

  37. Texans' kicker Nick Novak, punter Shane Lechler find My All-American movie inspirational https://t.co/mMLbTsnSbp

  38. Texans' Nick Novak, Shane Lechler find My All-American movie inspirational https://t.co/mMLbTsnSbp