1. Seahawks Respond to NFL Outlawing Goalpost Dunking

    What so far is the big news of the day emanating from the NFL Meetings in Orlando is the league announcing that dunking the ball over the goalpost will now be illegal.....

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  2. Seahawks' Russell Wilson to Be Honored by NC State

    Russell Wilson 's state-hopping offseason will include a stop in Raleigh, where Wilson will be honored by the North Carolina State football program at the Wolfpack's annual spring game on April 12...

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  3. Breaking Down the Seahawks' "Current" Defensive Line

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  4. Jared Allen Got the Better Offer He Wanted

    Jared Allen was right all along. The veteran defensive end made two trips to Seattle and came close to reaching an agreement with the Seahawks , but deep down, he believed he was worth more and could get more money elsewhere...

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  5. Pete Carroll Talks Seattle Seahawks Title Defense

    ORLANDO – Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll embraces the challenge of trying to become the first Super Bowl winner to defend a title since the 1994 New England Patriots ...

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  6. Have the Seahawks Changed the Way Teams Are Scouting Cornerbacks, Safeties?

    The term “copycat league” is thrown around every NFL offseason as teams work to adjust their schemes and personnel to mimic the productive units that make championship runs in the playoffs...

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  7. Source: Chancellor Needs Minor Hip Surgery

    Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor will have minor hip surgery to clean up a problem from last year, according to a source...

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  8. Seahawks GM: Door's Not Closed on Jared Allen, Jermichael Finley

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  9. Alex Bannister back for what he's hoping is more

    Most of the 250-plus participants at Saturday's Regional Combine at Virginia Mason Athletic Center were chasing the dream of playing in the National Football League...

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  10. Debate: What Is Seahawks' Biggest Need After Early FA Pickups?

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  11. Seahawks' Michael Bennett Ordered to Pay Up for Puppy Abandonment

    It's a good thing Seattle Seakhawks superstar Michael Bennett just signed a brand new $28.5 million contract ... 'cause a judge just ordered him to PAY UP for abandoning a puppy last year, TMZ Sports has learned...

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  12. Seahawks Have “no Interest at All” in DeSean Jackson

    Amid a report that the Seahawks have expressed interest in Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson , a source with direct knowledge of the team's thinking tells PFT that the Seahawks have “no interest at all” in Jackson...

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