1. Seahawks Re-Sign Lemuel Jeanpierre

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  2. Hawks Players, Led by Wilson, Power Retail Sales for NFLPI Licensees

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  3. Report: Seattle Seahawks' Michael Bennett to Miss Start of Offseason Workouts

    Earlier this month, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett denied that he asked for a trade from Seattle one year after signing a four-year, $32 million deal.....

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  4. Rangers Won't Meddle with QB Wilson's Career

    Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels says he believes Russell Wilson 's drive would allow the Seattle Seahawks star quarterback to become a Major League Baseball player, but he has no plans to interfere with Wilson's day job...

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  5. Russell Wilson Says Rangers Want Him to Play Baseball

    Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says he's still considering playing baseball — and not just for a cameo appearance in spring training...

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  6. Would Seattle Let Wilson Walk?

    While this will likely eventually be much ado about nothing, a Wilson extension may not come as quickly and easily as did a lot of the others the team has gotten done the last few years...

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  7. Even More Seahawks Social Media Updates from the Hawaiian Islands

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  8. Seattle Seahawks Rapid-Fire Predictions for 2015 NFL Draft

    NFL fans won't forget the Seattle Seahawks ' heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl XLIX , and now they will look to the 2015 NFL draft to reload their roster...

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  9. Russell Wilson vs. Seattle Seahawks: This Could Drag On, Get Testy

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  10. Russell Wilson, Seahawks Contract Talks Getting Fun

    We might not realize it at the moment, but the negotiations between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are quickly becoming some of the most interesting -- and entertaining ...

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  11. Seahawks' DeShawn Shead Signs Exclusive-Rights Tender

    Defensive back DeShawn Shead has signed his exclusive-rights free-agent tender with the Seahawks and will be under contract through next season...

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  12. Schneider on Wilson Playing Baseball: 'I Think It Would Be Difficult'

    Not surprisingly, you can count Seahawks general manager John Schneider among those who doubt it would be feasible for Russell Wilson to add professional baseball to his already loaded plate as Seattle's starting quarterback...

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  13. Seattle Seahawks Hope Jimmy Graham Doesn't Turn into Percy Harvin

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  14. Seattle Seahawks GM Says Team Will Be Cautious in Russell Wilson Negotiations

    Without getting in specific details, Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider seemed to indicate the organization will be somewhat cautious in what they offer quarterback Russell Wilson in his ongoing negotiations for a new contact...

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  15. Seahawks Hosted a Group of Draft Prospects

    The Seahawks hosted a few draft prospects on Wednesday, evidenced by a few twitter postings by the West Georgia DL Tory Slater and Cal WR Chris Harper...

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  16. Mario Edwards Jr. to Meet with the Seahawks

    This is an intriguing development. As Garafolo notes, the Seahawks would probably have to trade up to have any shot at drafting him...

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  17. Seahawks Holding Offseason Workout on Maui

    Led by quarterback Russell Wilson , several members of the Super Bowl runnerup Seattle Seahawks are holding player-organized workouts on Maui this week.....

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  18. Watch: Seattle Seahawks Cut Loose at Hawaii Luau

    Russell Wilson , Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner and several other Seattle Seahawks are putting in a lot of hard work during their player-led workouts in Hawaii this week, but they're also making time to cut loose...

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  19. Under Carroll & Schneider, Seahawks Draft for the Offense

    Given Pete Carroll is a defensive minded coach, it's not surprising that the Seahawks have been overwhelmingly offensive-minded in the first two rounds of the draft since 2010...

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  20. Seahawks WR Lockette Signs ERFA Tender

    The intended target on the Seahawks ' final offensive play of Super Bowl XLIX has re-signed with Seattle.....

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  21. Richard Sherman Talks Seahawks Offseason

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  22. Seahawks Have a Decision to Make by May 3 on Bruce Irvin's Future

    The Seahawks raised eyebrows and curiosity by making Bruce Irvin the 15th-overall draft choice out of West Virginia in 2012...

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  23. Ullrich: Lemar Durant's NFL Draft Prospects Boosts SFU's Profile

    It may go down as nothing more than due diligence in preparation for the biggest talent auction in football each year. It may be just another film clip among hundreds to study and a few more juicy statistics to fill out the resume...

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  24. No, Russell Wilson Isn't Going to Play Baseball

    Russell Wilson mentioned baseball again, which of course means another round of debating whether or not the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and former Colorado Rockies farmhand would actually ever attempt to juggle two sports professionally...

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  25. The Seahawks Destroyed Richard Sherman in Marco Polo While Vacationing in Hawaii

    The Seattle Seahawks are dirty gamesmen, and I'd like to direct you to definitive proof that the Legion of Boom is an underhanded and scurrilous collection of characters...

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