1. 10-Year-Old Seahawks Fan Has Richard Sherman-Themed Prosthetic Leg

    You can paint birds on your face. You can work out 18 hours a week and dress up as the Hulk. You can do a number of things to prove your citizenship in the 12th Man Nation, but odds ...

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  2. Seahawks' Offensive Creativity Poses Tough Challenge for Patriots in Super Bowl

    Last season the Seattle Seahawks became the youngest team to ever lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Entering that game against the Denver Broncos , the Seahawks were the second-youngest team to ever appear in a Super Bowl...

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  3. Marshawn Lynch, Thrill-Seekers Notch Blowout Super Bowl Media Day Win over Media

    Renegade folk hero Marshawn Lynch struck another blow for the little guy on the first day of Super Bowl media availability...

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  4. Sherman's Headphones Temporarily Confiscated by NFL

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  5. Pete Carroll: Miscommunication with Golden Tate During Negotiations

    PHOENIX -- Golden Tate says he was lowballed by the Seahawks last offseason. He's gone so far as to call their contract offer "laughable...

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  6. Scott Fitterer Chooses to Stay in Seattle Rather Than Join Eagles Front Office

    The Eagles have been searching for a personnel executive to assist coach Chip Kelly in the front office since reorganizing their hierarchy and moving Howie Roseman out of the General Manager job earlier this month...

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  7. Panthers Greg Olsen Says Kam Chancellor Key to Seattle Defense

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen says strong safety Kam Chancellor is the key to Seattle 's top-ranked defense that faces New England on Sunday in Super Bowl XLIX...

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  8. Bobby Wagner: Seahawks 'Will Be Ready' for Patriots' Formation Ploys

    In the divisional round, the Patriots caught the Ravens by surprise by declaring typically eligible receivers to be ineligible on certain plays...

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  9. Seahawks' Doug Baldwin: I'm Going to Revis Island

    A subdued Doug Baldwin told NFL Media's Michael Irvin at Tuesday's Media Day that he's looking forward to facing Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, one of the best cornerback duos in the NFL, during Super Bowl XLIX...

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  10. Michael Bennett Soaks Up Media Day Spotlight

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  11. Super Bowl Odds: Why the Seahawks Will Win and Cover the Spread

    Last February, the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl by trouncing what was thought to be an offensively superior team, the Denver Broncos , as an underdog...

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  12. Listen: Wright Is Under-the-Radar Seahawks Defender to Watch in Super Bowl

    B/R NFL Writer Ty Schalter gives his "under-the-radar" Seahawks defender to watch come Superbowl Sunday on Content is King with King Kaufman...

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  13. The DBs Coach Behind Seattle's Legion of Boom Breaks Down His Stellar Unit

    PHOENIX -- The Seattle Seahawks ' "Legion of Boom" secondary was built with players who have been underrated, undervalued, undersized and miscast in other places, only to come together in rare ways under the direction of head coach Pete Carroll...

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  14. Russell Wilson's Football Workout

    Russell Wilson has got one ring already in his pocket, and he is well on his way to number two after earning a spot in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday. This is the workout program Wilson follows to stay in game-changing shape...

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  15. Smith Goes from MVP to Barely Seeing Field for Seattle

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  16. Seahawks Rookie Garry Gilliam, Mother Took Long Route to Super Bowl

    The offensive lineman is thankful that Thelma Shifflett chose to send him away to boarding school at age 7...

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  17. Marshawn Lynch Resists Easy Media Definition

    You want a quote from recalcitrant media-phobe Marshawn Lynch in advance of Super Bowl XLIX? Here's one that stretches nearly 100 words...

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  18. Super Bowl Bad Guys Don't Take Long to Circle the Wagons

    CHANDLER, Ariz. (AP) — Those bad guys from New England finally made it out West, and it didn't take long for them to begin circling the wagons.....

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  19. Pete Carroll Got the Chance to Do It His Way

    PHOENIX -- A lot has been written this week about how things didn't work out for Pete Carroll in his three seasons as the head coach of the New England Patriots .....

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  20. Seahawks Defense Custom-Made to Neutralize Patriots Offense

    The Seattle Seahawks defense isn't just an elite group—it also matches up perfectly with its Super Bowl opponent...

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  21. Pete Carroll Explains 'Unpopular' Decision to Trade Harvin

    It might not look like it now, considering they're in the Super Bowl, but the Seahawks really did pay a price for abruptly shipping Percy Harvin to the Jets in October...

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  22. How Will the Seattle Seahawks Contain Rob Gronkowski?

    The Seattle Seahawks defense doesn ’t play nice with anyone. Collectively, it's the kid who takes all the best sandbox toys and then takes ownership over every other neighborhood sandbox...

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  23. Marshawn Lynch Finally Talks to the Media in Skittles Press Conference

    These are the hard-hitting questions you've been waiting to hear Marshawn Lynch answer. The "reporters" at this press conference went all-in, asking deep questions like, "If ...

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  24. Check out This Seattle Seahawks Superfan's House in Arizona

    Ashtin Fitzwater lives in Chandler, Arizona . Three guesses as to his favorite NFL team. Luckily for him, the Seattle Seahawks are playing the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday in Glendale, about 30 miles to the northwest...

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  25. Earl Thomas Shows off His Super Bowl Air Jordan VI

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