1. Baldwin: Seahawks Are Like Classic Car, Rookie Lockett Needs to 'Earn His Name'

    Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin caught up with Bleacher Report at training camp to discuss the team...

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  2. Michael Bennett Reportedly Fined for Striking Alex Smith in Head, Neck Area

    Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett has reportedly been fined for a hit against Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith in an August 21 preseason matchup. According to NFL ...

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  3. Russell Wilson Sending a Dangerous Message with Supposed Miracle Concussion Cure

    It was initially easy to laugh at Russell Wilson 's bubbles-cured-my-concussion claims. It was giggle fuel. He was also claiming the bubbles healed a teammate's knee injury. Silly stuff...

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  4. Seattle Seahawks vs. San Diego Chargers Preseason Week 2 Odds, Betting Stats

    Week 3 of the NFL preseason is typically known as the final dress rehearsal before the regular season kicks off, so the odds most closely resemble what bettors will see for matchups after the exhibition schedule has been completed...

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  5. Russell Wilson Speaks on Recovery Water Comments, NFC Title Game Hit

    Russell Wilson has clarified comments he made in a Rolling Stone article that suggested the Seattle Seahawks quarterback healed from a head injury after the NFC Championship Game by drinking Reliant Recovery Water...

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  6. Seahawks vs. Chargers: Previewing Seattle's Preseason Week 3 Matchup

    Preseason records mean little in the grand scheme of things. These four games are more about weeding out the haves and have-nots, experimenting with lineups and rotations, and sealing ...

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  7. Seahawks vs. Chiefs: Postgame Grades, Notes and Quotes for Seattle

    The Seattle Seahawks were once again a Jekyll-and-Hyde conundrum Friday night in a 14-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs ...

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  8. Things That Matter Versus Kansas City Tonight

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  9. The Evolution of the Legion of Boom: Becoming Even Better Through Brotherhood

    RENTON, Wash. — Kam Chancellor is a training camp ghost, a presence everyone feels but cannot see. For most of camp, the only time Earl Thomas made the practice tape is when ...

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  10. Seahawks Season Preview 2015: Top Storylines and Record Prediction for Seattle

    The Seattle Seahawks will be looking to reach their third straight Super Bowl in 2015 after narrowly missing out on back-to-back titles last season...

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  11. Hawk Blogger: Seahawks Training Camp News Notes for August 19th

    As I watched every snap this newly formed offensive line took for the second time this week, and then watched the second string, it became very clear how perilous the state of the Seahawks line is heading into preseason game number two...

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  12. 'I Wouldn't Change It'

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  13. Seahawks vs. Chiefs: Previewing Seattle's Preseason Week 2 Matchup

    Beauty is rare in the NFL 's preseason, and even those occasional moments of polish and precision are fleeting; this much was evident during Seattle's 22-20 loss to Denver last ...

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  14. With Contract Done, Seahawks' Wagner Focused on Football

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  15. Former Husky Kevin Smith Doing 'Very, Very Well' in Seahawks Camp

    While the Seahawks were on their way to another NFC championship last season, receiver Kevin Smith was back home in Southern California working a slightly less glamorous job than he might have hoped coming out of the University of Washington ...

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  16. Richard Sherman Sees Deflategate Double Standard

    It was hardly a “U mad bro?” type of moment for Richard Sherman when Tom Brady's name came up after the Seattle Seahawks finished off a camp practice this week...

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  17. Former Seahawks Cornerback Marcus Trufant Skydives onto Practice Field

    RENTON, Wash. -- You never know who or what you might see at a Seattle Seahawks training camp practice or where it might come from...

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  18. Bell: Kam Chancellor's Holdout an Example of How Seahawks Could Go Boom

    With his holdout approaching the three-week mark, Kam Chancellor is undoubtedly out of sight at the Seattle Seahawks ' vibrant training camp.....

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  19. Undrafted Rookie T.Y. McGill Making the Most of His Opportunity

    After going undrafted as a defensive tackle out of North Carolina State, T.Y. McGill decided the only option was to work even harder to prove he belonged in the NFL .....

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  20. Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode Persona Started Young

    How long has Marshawn Lynch been a beast? At least since his teens. As a high schooler at Oakland Tech, Lynch was a four-sport star, and one of the area's more celebrated prep athletes...

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  21. Wilson Focused on Footwork, Graham Can 'Catch Anything'

    Russell Wilson , Seattle Seahawks QB, joined Movin' The Chains and talked about the addition of Jimmy Graham , expectations for 2015 season, and how this offense is going to be tough to beat...

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  22. Nate Boyer, Green Beret Turned Long-Snapper, Released

    Training camp season is full of heartbreaking cuts, but on Tuesday we learned of one in particular that hit close to home. Nate Boyer, the 34-year-old rookie long snapper for the Seattle Seahawks , was let go, according to FOX Sports' Jay Glazer...

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  23. Report: Seahawks Release Former Green Beret Nate Boyer

    NFL is a tough business. Seahawks released Nate Boyer, needing roster spot to replace an injured player. Backup long snapper, regardless of back story, is always most expendable...

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  24. Seahawks Moving Away from Texas A&M's 'Home of the 12th Man'

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  25. Seahawks Set to Sign Quarterback Jake Waters

    With Tarvaris Jackson hobbled with a high-ankle sprain, the Seattle Seahawks needed an additional arm in training camp...

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