1. Looks like Sean Weatherspoon is finally calling it a night.

  2. #AZCardinals vets Chris Johnson and Sean Weatherspoon warm up in Denver http://t.co/ExECIMaiJd #AZvsDEN http://t.co/hhkdGNa9Wz

  3. RB @ChrisJohnson28 and LB @SeanWSpoon56 make their #AZCardinals debut in 22-20 win over the #Broncos. #AZvsDEN https://t.co/MmzYmetKYx

  4. Hear from #AZCardinals QB @Lthomas_3, @BruceArians, RB @ChrisJohnson28 & LB @SeanWSpoon56 after the win. #AZvsDEN https://t.co/YLbdhA084u

  5. From this AM: #AZCardinals LB Sean Weatherspoon asked to play into the second half Thursday night: http://t.co/vzflEmC7Nt

  6. ICYMI: #AZCardinals were able to see what they needed from Chris Johnson, Sean Weatherspoon in only preseason work http://t.co/ExECIMaiJd

  7. Wonder what fellow #MizzouMade LB @SeanWSpoon56 thinks of Markus Golden's moves. Maybe we'll see this after sacks. https://t.co/0atqUINUdE

  8. It depends on Saints personnel right now Kevin Minter is the starting ILB. Weatherspoon involved in certain packages https://t.co/R6wBlPC1RT

  9. Minter/Weatherspoon run defense, they play so much nickel/dime 6 DB. Bucannon will play in the box. Demens-Fua depth https://t.co/FI4WgyKkKB

  10. Sean Weatherspoon in on that play making the D calls. Bucannon looked to be a step behind NO TE Ben Watson.

  11. Sean Weatherspoon is here. He crushed Mark Ingram from behind on that tackle.

  12. Cardinals ILB Weatherspoon & Bucannon

  13. Bucannon and Weatherspoon the ILB tandem right now.

  14. Sean Weatherspoon was on the field at ILB for most of that last drive.

  15. Weatherspoon was in on that last play. First time I’ve seen him in today

  16. #AZCardinals Season in Focus, SAT at 8:30am on @abc15. @SeanWSpoon56 Wired, @tonyjefferson1 Chronicles, & Zoom with James Bettcher. #SFvsAZ

  17. Weatherspoon played 28 snaps on defense, Minter 137 snaps. Bucannon could used as the spy or shadow on Kaepernick. https://t.co/gi4Rq6uvd4

  18. #AZCardinals Season in Focus starts NOW on @abc15. @SeanWSpoon56 Wired, @tonyjefferson1 Chronicles, Zoom w/ James Bettcher & more. #SFvsAZ

  19. LB @SeanWSpoon56 and RB @ChrisJohnson28 were mic'd up during the #AZCardinals win in Chicago. https://t.co/oPoQiNWM0D

  20. Weatherspoon zero snaps vs Rams, coaching decision. https://t.co/PpxfwlwLNe

  21. Weatherspoon didn't play a single snap last week, doesn't appear that will change with the way Minter is playing & Bucannon not coming out.

  22. #AZCardinals LB Sean Weatherspoon, who didn't play a snap last week, said he'll stay patient. "That's all I can do." No spot on D right now.

  23. #AZCardinals, #Lions at moving day post-loss; Weatherspoon waits; Injury update: Cards notes http://t.co/rlsejiKhTi http://t.co/YxSNByqMH7

  24. #AZCardinals Notes: Cards, #Lions put losses behind; Weatherspoon waits; Fells sits out practice. #AZvsDET https://t.co/Z5EqQwxVpD

  25. LB Sean Weatherspoon inactive today for #AZCardinals. Full list: http://t.co/ucYgHBOm9n #AZvsDET

  26. Cardinals inactives: Weatherspoon, BArkley, Nelson, Riddick, Larsen, Humphries. X. Williams

  27. Weatherspoon not a surprise. active last week but didn’t play.

  28. Arizona Cardinals inactives: QB Matt Barkley, WR J.J. Nelson, LB Shaq Riddick, LB Sean Weatherspoon, G/C Ted... http://t.co/vgpWRYQGOB

  29. With Weatherspoon inactive, here's a story I did on him last week, after he didn't play vs. Rams: http://t.co/vZxwRcprAW

  30. #AZCardinals inactives: Matt Barkley, J.J. Nelson, Shaq Riddick, Sean Weatherspoon, Ted Larsen, D.J. Humphries & Xavier Williams.

  31. LB Sean Weatherspoon, WR J.J. Nelson among #AZCardinals inactives. #AZvsDET https://t.co/LKQTUrIPKV

  32. Considering Weatherspoon is inactive, and doesn't play on special teams, undrafted free agent ILB Alani Fau is ahead of him.

  33. Weatherspoon & Fua for depth. Gabe Martin on the PS or veteran player. Demens really good on special teams. https://t.co/lygM243Lf5

  34. AZ latest depth chart: RB CJ, Ellington, D. Johnson SAM Woodley, Freeney $LB Bucannon, Fua ILB Minter, Weatherspoon WILL *Okafor, Golden