1. Don't think the QB order will change Friday despite the mixing and matching with Yates and Renfree at practice. Ryan expected to play more

  2. If you're #Falcons coach Quinn, do you shut down the offense now. Let T.J. Yates and Sean Renfree take over? Or, one more series for Ryan?

  3. Sean Renfree already in. Yates out.

  4. Either the #Falcons told T.J. Yates to stay loose, of they really want to get a long look at Sean Renfree.

  5. Renfree enters the game in the rough football equivalent of a mercy killing.

  6. Argue Yates vs. Renfree all you want for QB2. If either takes significant snaps for the #Falcons this year, the team is in trouble.

  7. Renfree and Yates are alternating drives that are notable primarily for how much they burn my eyes.

  8. T.J Yates with the pick. Not good in this battle against Renfree

  9. The QB rotation thing didn't work. Offense couldn't get a rhythm under Yates or Renfree.

  10. Sean Renfree starts second half

  11. Looked like a good handoff from Renfree to Jerome Smith

  12. Renfree missed Reedy. Needed a little more air under that throw. Nice shot down the field though.

  13. Renfree mounting a furious comeback.

  14. Falcons obviously unsettled at the backup QB role behind Matt Ryan with T.J. Yates and Sean Renfree.

  15. Quinn said he's happy with the other two guys he has, Yates and Renfree.

  16. Let's see if the Falcons keep the four QBs for this week or release Yates or Renfree after signing Grossman.

  17. We will see what Dan Quinn has to say at 12:15 ET Grossman's role. Said Tues ``we're happy'' with Yates, Renfree. Grossman should be No. 2

  18. Ryan took one snap, handed it off to Coleman and that's that. Ryan sat in favor of Renfree. #BALvsATL

  19. Short-lived time on the field for Ryan and Julio. Sean Renfree in, throwing a nice pass there.

  20. Renfree stepping up in the pocket and delivering darts. Good start, good start.

  21. Renfree fumbled snap but Mooney gets on ball for TD

  22. Looked like Renfree just mishandled snap. Not good look for someone fighting for roster spot

  23. If you're roughing Renfree, you've already lost.

  24. Not the standout game I was hoping for from Renfree.

  25. Renfree sacked there. Looked like Stone was responsible. 13-6 Falcons at half.

  26. Renfree still in the game to start second half.

  27. Sean Renfree still in at QB for the Falcons. He's played every offensive snap except the first one.

  28. Renfree getting an extended audition tonight, which is worthwhile. Team probably already knows it's keeping Grossman over Yates.

  29. Renfree took a hit and still delivered to Carlton Mitchell, who turned on the speed for the touchdown. Renfree feels it, though.ed

  30. Renfree needed that, big time. Mitchell has been quality throughout the summer, but unfortunately there's probably no room for him.

  31. Thought Southward largely helped his case, along with Cliff Matthews, Renfree (by comparison), Akunne, and Stupar.

  32. Dan Quinn said Yates and Renfree are the focus of the backup battle right now

  33. Renfree sharp as Falcons hold off Ravens' comeback, 20-19 http://t.co/uQYh7yvTXe (@charlesodum)

  34. Falcons vs. Ravens 2015 post-game injury report: Sean Renfree can take a hit http://t.co/IKlBMGzThn http://t.co/L7oH3Z8QKP

  35. Dan Quinn's backup plan focused on Renfree, Yates. http://t.co/SQJM6RFnIP

  36. TJ Yates confirms his release to go with Rex Grossman. Sean Renfree stays for now behind Ryan but Falcons likely to look around for an arm

  37. Falcons release T.J Yates, Rex Grossman, keep Sean Renfree as backup QB http://t.co/7Xp6tr6X6f

  38. Devonta Freeman getting some extra work in after practice catching balls from Sean Renfree; Mike Person working on his center snaps

  39. Sean Renfree checks in at quarterback.