1. #Saints coach Sean Payton said it was actually Keenan Lewis' lingering sports hernia/hip issue that landed him on.. https://t.co/KUVKb0NfYB

  2. Sean Payton confirms that Keenan Lewis has been placed on injured reserve #Saints https://t.co/QYiXWAVMCI

  3. Sean Payton: Keenan Lewis had issues lingering from sports hernia separate from recent knee injury.

  4. Sean Payton's conference call from this morning (audio) https://t.co/DdI2CpeeLy #Saints https://t.co/PL08JGkmSQ

  5. Highlights from Sean Payton's conference call on today's @blackbluereport podcast https://t.co/79NSPeabX5 https://t.co/U19sHEoe5N

  6. Do New Orleans Saints players care about Sean Payton reports? 'It's the least of my… https://t.co/e5bDkD7hzq https://t.co/rEWHPi76SU

  7. Sean Payton will speak with the media around 1 pm CT. Watch Live: https://t.co/GBImkoS8Hx https://t.co/B3pvyVjSSa

  8. Via @cmdabe: Do #Saints players care about Sean Payton reports? 'It's the least of my concerns' https://t.co/bJPDIcVLqo via @nolanews

  9. #Saints coach Sean Payton, as one would expect, not wanting to talk about hypothetical personnel, coaching changes after game.

  10. Sean Payton's postgame press conference (VIDEO) https://t.co/h3TCy4fTUs #Saints #NOvsWAS https://t.co/Yc4PTnsYBp

  11. Sean Payton will speak with the media around 11:15 am CT. Watch Live: https://t.co/Yd6ESjdMJW https://t.co/TxSNnQP8CU

  12. Sean Payton is scheduled to speak with the media around 11:15 am CT. Watch Live: https://t.co/GBImkoS8Hx #Saints https://t.co/vwFLlQeJu8

  13. Media Cameras at #Saints camp kind of a big deal today. Sean Payton coming up at 11. https://t.co/NFOpIKYG2t

  14. Just landed in New Orleans, attempting to confirm. Sean Payton scheduled to speak within the hour. https://t.co/z00igMlMhF

  15. Sean Payton says the #Saints haven't made a decision on any coaching changes at this point. Says he still needs to speak with Mickey Loomis.

  16. #Saints coach Sean Payton says Rob Ryan is still the Defensive Coordinator has not met with Mickey Loomis on staff changes

  17. No staff changes according to #Saints Coach Sean Payton at least not yet.

  18. Sean Payton: I haven’t met with (GM) Mickey Loomis yet. That’s not something we haven’t even met on.

  19. #Saints Sean Payton insinuated multiple times that changes will be made on defense without getting specific. Said... https://t.co/Y9OLMnB7Ri

  20. Sean Payton says at presser Rob Ryan remains on coaching staff at this point. Payton said he's yet to meet with Ryan or GM Mickey Loomis.

  21. #Saints Sean Payton said Rob Ryan is still on staff despite speculation that is out there. Didn't rule it out but... https://t.co/Z32RZxfrO4

  22. Nice variation on "Next question" from Sean Payton today. Instead he went with, "Next topic."

  23. Rob Ryan 'absolutely' still on New Orleans Saints' staff, Sean Payton says https://t.co/J2cVYgsyGq #Saints

  24. #Saints Sean Payton says no decision has been made on Rob Ryan, but promises changes to defense https://t.co/dQeIKaBDPx

  25. #Saints Coach Sean Payton staff changes haven't happened yet https://t.co/19pfrg5WJD

  26. Sean Payton's full press conference from today (VIDEO) https://t.co/JendQ3w52Q #Saints https://t.co/c3wXTzLipX

  27. Sean Payton says New Orleans Saints players should expect changes after bye https://t.co/HUYgU4oO9b https://t.co/HPZgAaHYm4

  28. Sean Payton: "We made a change, and it just didn't time up with when I was meeting with the media."

  29. #Saints Coach Sean Payton tells @bobbyhebert3 that Rob Ryan is out, Dennis Allen will take over @WWLAMFM

  30. Sean Payton: We made a change at defensive coordinator

  31. That's about as official as it can be: "We made a change" #Saints coach Sean Payton. Dennis Allen takes over Defense.

  32. Sean Payton says on @WWLAMFM the #Saints have let DC Rob Ryan go https://t.co/ZdkeexFZFq

  33. Sean Payton says coaching change was made because 'we've got to be better' https://t.co/IhKO74uv2u by @JohnDeShazier https://t.co/8j35sGI8wu

  34. #Saints coach Sean Payton confirmed the firing of Rob Ryan on his weekly WWL Radio show and said Dennis Allen... https://t.co/C72x38hoOk