Former Jet McKnight Splits with Hayden Panettiere

By Gabe Zaldivar

For all those fans of former New York Jets players finding true love in Hollywood, avert your eyes. Scotty McKnight and diminutive actress Hayden Panettiere have reportedly broken up...



Eight Minutes of Emulation: 2010 Colorado Buffs Imitate 1990 National Champions

by Stuart Whitehair

From www.cuatthegame.com Buffs show imitation is the most sincere form of flattery The 2010 Buff players had to wait...



Colorado Football: Can the Buffs Bounce Back Against Hawaii?

by Stuart Whitehair

On September 11th, the Colorado Buffaloes were destroyed by the California Bears, 52-7. It was an embarrassing loss, one which the Buffs failed to, in the words of even the players, "show up"...