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Just When You Thought Winter Classic Couldn't Get Any Better, It Does

By Eric Steitz (Photo: Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

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    Looking Back on 2002 Red Wings

    by Matt Ryan

    It has been exactly a decade since arguably the greatest team in NHL history finished its championship season... Read More »

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    5 Potential Replacements for Mike Haviland

    by Jim Weihofen

    The Mike Haviland era in Chicago has come to an end. As was first reported by the Chicago Tribune , the Hawks have relieved assistant coach Mike Haviland of his duties behind the Blackhawks bench..... Read More »

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    10 Best NHL Coaches of the Past 20 Years

    by Peter Mills

    No matter how much talent a squad has, without a strong coach behind the bench, it'll never succeed. So much of what coaches do is intangible, and comparing some to others is nearly impossible... Read More »

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    Best Names for New NHL Conferences

    by Rick Seto

    With the announcement of the NHL Board of Governors' realignment plan Monday that will create a new four-conference setup, there has been a great number of suggestions of the new names, particularly ... Read More »

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    Best NHL Coaches of All Time

    by Trent Reinsmith

    The job of NHL bench boss does not come with much security. Sure, you get a guaranteed contract for a few year, but that contract while nice in theory doesn't really provide the coach with any job sec... Read More »