1. #Packers backup QB Scott Tolzien (concussion) is going through pregame warmups. Practicing dropbacks, tossing to Myles White. Interesting.

  2. Tolzien Consistently Improving His Stock

  3. Tolzien Being Evaluated for Concussion

  4. Watch: Tolzien Hits TE Rodgers for 21-Yard TD

  5. QB Scott Tolzien (concussion) has been cleared. He's expected to dress tonight but likely to play only in case of an emergency. #Packers

  6. QB Scott Tolzien has apparently been cleared from his concussion. He's warming up and planning to dress. Don't expect him to play, however.

  7. #Packers backup QB Scott Tolzien cleared after concussion, active vs. Eagles. http://t.co/YWEkC50o1A

  8. Meanwhile, No. 2 QB Scott Tolzien has passed his concussion testing and will dress for #Packers. But he will only play in an emergency.

  9. Three starting O-linemen out tonight for #Packers but Tolzien is back. No guarantee he or Rodgers will play though http://t.co/IraeWspNyR

  10. #Packers backup QB Scott Tolzien cleared from concussion, active for Eagles. @RyanWood with the inactives: http://t.co/dQworI2LF6

  11. Scott Tolzien has been cleared from concussion protocol and is active for #Packers tonight. http://t.co/IXIZMHaJU8 http://t.co/oYurDfIZM9

  12. Tolzien isn't expected to play. He's cleared the concussion protocol.

  13. Packers say Hundley is starting. Rodgers not playing, Tolzien cleared to play from concussion but is not expected to play.

  14. On the #Packers pregame radio, @waynelarrivee says Brett Hundley will start. Matt Blanchard next. Scott Tolzien in an emergency. No Rodgers

  15. Scott Tolzien, dressed in case of emergency, throwing passes on the sideline #Packers

  16. 08/29/15 Eagles 39, Packers 26: Hundley delivers: With Aaron Rodgers and Scott Tolzien taking the night off, r... http://t.co/stUPfLbYdc

  17. #Packers QB Scott Tolzien says concussion protocol is "frustrating," but "probably smart." http://t.co/TD2i0ggLxL http://t.co/vqgomzwUO9

  18. Cleared after concussion, Tolzien admits process is 'frustrating':  Photo/Getty Images Scott Tolzien sat out S... http://t.co/RI7p68Cwkp

  19. From earlier: #Packers QB Scott Tolzien calls concussion protocol "frustrating" but "smart." http://t.co/TD2i0ggLxL http://t.co/2okQCTTSFh

  20. Jared Abbrederis with a short TD catch from Scott Tolzien in the red-zone drill.

  21. Abbrederis catches sliding TD on comeback from Tolzien. Ref says he was out but who knows

  22. Packers have seen enough to know Scott Tolzien is capable backup to Aaron Rodgers http://t.co/Aw6vrK0VFu

  23. #Packers have seen enough to know Scott Tolzien is capable backup to Aaron Rodgers http://t.co/5dHGq6kCaY

  24. Tolzien and Hundley the only 2 QBs warming up for the #Packers. Rodgers not out here.

  25. Starting line is Vujnovich, Taylor, Tretter, Walker and Barclay (left to right). Tolzien starts

  26. Scott Tolzien had Jared Abbrederis open over the middle on 2nd-and-10. Checked down to Rajion Neal, set up third-and-long.

  27. Tolzien throws his first pick as a #Packers QB in the preseason, intended for White on the stop

  28. That was Tolzien's first interception in the last two preseasons. Looked like Myles White stopped his route.

  29. That Scott Tolzien interception might have been more on Myles White. Looked like #Packers WR stopped his route.

  30. Looked like Myles White stopped his route across the middle on that Tolzien INT. I wonder how many times that'll happen to Rodgers in 2015.

  31. That's it for Tolzien. Brett Hundley will finish the game at QB for the #Packers

  32. Hundley in at QB. Tolzien was 7-of-11 for 41 yards with the pick (32.8 passer rating)

  33. Scott Tolzien's night is over. Brett Hundley at QB. He'll go the rest of the way because, well, the #Packers have no other QBs.

  34. Hundley very promising. Great to be excited. But it's preseason. Let's not get carried away here. Tolzien's No. 2. Didn't you watch NE, PIT?

  35. We are NOT going to have a Hundley-Tolzien debate on @BoucherAuto #GGToday but we will take your biggest +s and -s from #Packers-#Saints. :)

  36. Cory's Corner: Scott Tolzien deserves the backup QB job http://t.co/JSfXFiXSQr #packers

  37. At @CheeseheadTV: Cory's Corner: Scott Tolzien deserves the backup QB job http://t.co/NNiSaBbFjO #Packers

  38. You can win a Tolzien signed helmet from @lotfautographs today on out Facebook page. http://t.co/wmn14MXLSN #packers

  39. Fun to watch Rodgers, Tolzien, Hundley pick out various calls for guys to turn on (state capitals, names, math, etc.) http://t.co/B8QazNtps1

  40. #Repost: To Scott Tolzien, Aaron Rodgers is downright Jordan-esque. #Packers game story: http://t.co/wPD5LEioyS http://t.co/fzyjOZua62

  41. Time to see what Tolzien can do. https://t.co/PjHmdcOUAK

  42. Tolzien starting yet?