1. They now have 4 TEs on roster. Michael Williams has been limited with a knee injury. Scott Chandler hasn't given them much in passing game.

  2. Scott Chandler Has Two Receptions In Week 7 Win Over The Jets

  3. Highlight: Brady Finds Chandler for His 3rd TD Pass

  4. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  5. Scott Chandler Won't Let Recent Setback Get to Him

  6. Tony Corrente will ref Pats-Broncos. In 8 games this year, his crew has called 3 OPI's, including one on Scott Chandler in NE-Indy game.

  7. Scott Chandler's touchdown celebration was pretty great https://t.co/nKI4mCXzjM

  8. Patriots didn’t change personnel on quick snap before J. White TD, but TE Scott Chandler ran on and then ran off. https://t.co/ha2wKeHV9S

  9. Rex's argument is that Scott Chandler started to come on the field. He quickly ran off. Bills wanted to have the chance to sub.

  10. Patriots TE snap tracker (halftime/includes penalties): Rob Gronkowski 35, Michael Williams 15, Scott Chandler 5.

  11. Scott Chandler with his requisite 3-yard gain.

  12. I'm predicting a Scott Chandler breakout game tonight.

  13. Scott Chandler played 43 snaps in Week 2 vs. Buffalo. Since, he is averaging 20.6 snaps per game.

  14. Former Buffalo Bill Scott Chandler and more #Patriots-Bills connections: https://t.co/0DpjH6LgPj https://t.co/hdoRP93Ir7

  15. Why hasn’t former Bills TE Scott Chandler had a bigger impact with the Patriots? @MikeReiss explores: https://t.co/xIETlpeC6r

  16. Exploring why former Bills TE Scott Chandler hasn't had as large of an impact with the Patriots as anticipated. https://t.co/kFcH2U8gkB

  17. Exploring why TE Scott Chandler hasn't had more impact with Patriots https://t.co/pGmpcfB6BW

  18. Scott Chandler says TD celebration was straight out of nWo playbook+https://t.co/6TcTZk0fsu

  19. It Is What It Is >> Scott Chandler says TD celebration was straight out of nWo playbook https://t.co/6TcTZjIEAW via @WEEI

  20. Scott Chandler confirmed that Sunday's TD celebration was an nWo move out of the Scott Hall playbook. https://t.co/WMCQtCE6P2

  21. This week has some amazing celebrations: Scott Chandler, Drew Stanton and now Domata Peko's belly rub sack dance.

  22. Scott Chandler should also get an uptick in snaps in Edelman's absence. He is used almost exclusively as a route runner anyway.

  23. Best Scott Chandler picture of the year here. Easy. (Via Elsa/Getty Images) https://t.co/zIAL2Crv5G

  24. Welcome to New England, Scott Chandler. CLANK

  25. Scott Chandler hangs on for the touchdown. #NEvsNYG

  26. Scott Chandler with the Razor Ramon TD celebration. Quality.

  27. Scott Chandler gets the TD. Nice little opening drive for the Patriots.

  28. Tom Brady to Scott Chandler for the touchdown.

  29. Touchdown Scott Chandler! https://t.co/5JqYoGbIXj

  30. Brady wanted Gronk, but he was knocked off his route, settles for a TD pass to Scott Chandler, his second of the season

  31. Can I get a ruling on the Scott Chandler celebration? @PhilAPerry saying it was the old Kevin Nash/Razor Ramon move

  32. Brady touchdown to Scott Chandler. Not much resistance from Giants' defense on a drive that ate up the first 8:20 of the game.

  33. Tom Brady finds former Giant TE Scott Chandler with the 1-yard touchdown and the Patriots are off to a quick start, 7-0.

  34. Because it's Random Tight End TD day... Scott Chandler just caught a TD from Tom Brady. #NEvsNYG

  35. The Patriots take a 7-0 lead on Tom Brady's 1-yard TD pass to Scott Chandler. #NEvsNYG

  36. #Patriots take a 7-0 lead on a 1-yard touchdown from Brady to Scott Chandler. #NEvsNYG

  37. That Scott Chandler celebration!!

  38. That was a strangely designed sideline throw to Scott Chandler.

  39. Seeing a whole lot of Scott Chandler early.

  40. Patriots open in 2-TE package w/ Rob Gronkowski/Scott Chandler, with RB Dion Lewis. Washington matches in nickel. Patriots run with success.

  41. Scott Chandler also gets the start with Gronk, Lewis and Edelman

  42. Patriots open in 12 personnel. Dion Lewis, Scott Chandler draw the starts.

  43. Patriots go two tight ends to start with Rob Gronkowski and Scott Chandler on the field. First play a nine-yard run for Dion Lewis.