1. Darmian fouls @theowalcott on the edge of the box. @19SCazorla crosses the free-kick but De Gea punches clear 0-0 (3) #AFCvMUFC

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  7. “We needed to believe in ourselves and it was a vital win.” @19SCazorla on #AFCvMUFC: http://t.co/BJfugyLYWs http://t.co/1lJ0fyYPHI

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  20. Morning and congratulations to @theowalcott and @19SCazorla who scored for their countries: http://t.co/UlLksOWESK http://t.co/Xj4JWM9dWx

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  24. #ICYMI "We will try to win the league." @19SCazorla on the title race and the Watford win: http://t.co/QnKnne55Zj http://t.co/zfbrf3n3cG

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  28. Everton defend several crosses from @Arsenal following another corner from @19SCazorla and clear the ball 0-0 (13) #AFCvEFC

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  35. Substitution: @CalumChambers95 comes on for Santi @19SCazorla 1-4 (87) #BAYvAFC

  36. Tottenham clear @19SCazorla's whipped corner 0-0 (9) #AFCvTHFC

  37. Alli fouls @19SCazorla with a mistimed challenge in @Arsenal's half 0-0 (23) #AFCvTHFC