1. Why 49ers Wide Receiver Quinton Patton Faces Make-or-Break Year in 2015

    San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton has been accustomed to a background role since being selected in the fourth round (No. 128 overall) in the 2013 NFL draft...

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  2. San Francisco 49ers: Pre-Free Agency Draft Big Board

    When we last took a look at the San Francisco 49ers ’ NFL draft big board, it was just after the Senior Bowl in January. Obviously, a lot has happened since then, forcing a shuffling of the team's top needs...

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  3. Report: 49ers, Cards, Jets, Dolphins Interested in Spiller

    Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that the Cardinals , Jets , Dolphins , and 49ers are among the potential suitors for free agent RB C.J. Spiller .....

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  4. Ginn Again? WR Will Reportedly Visit 49ers

    Last year, the 49ers had interest in a slew of free-agent wide receivers with punt-return ability, a list that included New England 's Julian Edelman, Detroit 's Golden Tate and Atlanta 's Devin Hester...

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  5. Despite Long Odds, Jarryd Hayne Has Ideal Roster Opportunity with 49ers

    The gem-finding mission to turn athletes into football players isn’t new for NFL talent hunters. Surely there was a time when the notion of a basketball player excelling at tight end seemed ridiculous...

    Sean Tomlinson Written by Sean Tomlinson about 2 days ago 10,773 reads 33 comments

  6. 'Baby Kaepernick' a Perfect Fit for 49ers on Day 3 of 2015 NFL Draft

    The 2015 NFL draft is quickly approaching, and every team will be eyeing a late-round sleeper pick. Whom should the 49ers target? What makes him perfect for their offense? ...

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  7. San Francisco 49ers' Final Free-Agency Outlook and Predictions

    What do we really know about the San Francisco 49ers post-Jim Harbaugh? What do we really know about the new coaches? We know their names—Jim Tomsula (the head coach), ...

    Grant Cohn Written by Grant Cohn about 3 days ago 11,508 reads 60 comments

  8. It looks like Jim Harbaugh has been removed from the 49ers museum

    In case you had any lingering doubts about the bitterness of the Jim Harbaugh- 49ers parting, this may put them to rest...

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  9. Harbaugh's Fleece, Khakis No Longer on Display at 49ers Museum

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  10. Can Jarryd Hayne Transition from Rugby Star to NFL Rookie?

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  11. Killion: To Get Super Bowl Ring, Gore Might Need to Leave Niners

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  12. Best Draft-Day Contingency Plans for the San Francisco 49ers

    The hardest part about predicting the NFL draft is the fact that just one unexpected pick early on can cause a cascade effect, altering selections and team needs throughout the rest of the draft...

    Bryan Knowles Written by Bryan Knowles about 3 days ago 11,293 reads 53 comments

  13. Rugby League Star Jarryd Hayne Signs with San Francisco 49ers

    Former rugby league player Jarryd Hayne has signed an NFL rookie contract with the San Francisco 49ers, as per the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ...

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  14. Rugby Star Jarryd Hayne to 49ers: Latest Contract Details, Comments and Reaction

    Jarryd Hayne's anticipated transition from rugby league superstar to NFL running back will begin with the San Francisco 49ers on a three-year deal, confirms the team ...

    Tim Keeney Written by Tim Keeney about 3 days ago 158,646 reads 245 comments

  15. San Francisco 49ers' Blueprint for Winning Free Agency

    It used to be the San Francisco 49ers were one player away from winning the Super Bowl. If only Justin Smith hadn’t injured his shoulder in 2012...

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  16. Darnell Dockett's 49ers Visit Makes Sense

    With Justin Smith apparently still undecided about whether to retire or return to the San Francisco 49ers , the team has decided to start kicking the tires on other Pro Bowl defensive linemen...

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  17. Justin Smith Says He'll Meet with 49ers This Week

    Justin Smith wouldn't say on Monday whether he planned to return to the 49ers for a 15th season as he got ready for a morning workout. But he did say he'd probably stop by the team facility on Wednesday to talk with...

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  18. 5 'Legitimate Difference-Makers' 49ers Can Add at Wide Receiver in 2015

    The San Francisco 49ers may look to add some wide receivers, as Michael Crabtree is a free agent and Stevie Johnson's future with the team is uncertain...

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  19. Free Agent or Draft: How Should San Francisco 49ers Fill Their Biggest Holes?

    The San Francisco 49ers have endured a turbulent offseason already. A slew of coaching changes have highlighted the 49ers' 2015 campaign, and now the franchise will face plenty of questions with the NFL free-agency period on the horizon...

    Peter Panacy Written by Peter Panacy about 4 days ago 8,133 reads 23 comments

  20. San Francisco 49ers: Potential Replacements for Stevie Johnson

    According to numerous reports, the San Francisco 49ers are preparing either to cut Stevie Johnson or ask him to take a pay cut ...

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  21. Johnson's Release Would Create Cap Space, Greater Need for WR Replacements

    Wide receiver will become a position of even greater need if the 49ers release Stevie Johnson, as speculated, to save over $6 million in salary cap room...

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  22. Baalke Hinted Bowman, Willis Aren't Going Anywhere

    With the new league year scheduled to begin March 10, this is the time of the offseason when high-priced veterans whose salaries no longer live up to their on-field production can be coldly cast aside...

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  23. Why Combine Standout Jalen Collins Is an Ideal Fit for 49ers' Secondary

    Of all the standouts at the NFL combine, one who should have caught the attention of the San Francisco 49ers is LSU cornerback Jalen Collins...

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  24. Stanford DL Draft Prospects Admire Justin Smith

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  25. Redskins & Bucs Expected to Have “Strong Interest” in 49ers G Mike Iupati

    Dianna Marie Russini reports that the Redskins and Buccaneers are expected to have “strong interest” in 49ers free agent G Mike Iupati...

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