1. Rookie Returner? Ellington Ahead of James on Depth Chart

    After Bruce Ellington had a zig-zagging 44-yard punt return in the preseason finale Thursday in Houston , the rookie wide receiver was asked if he might open the season as the 49ers ' punt returner...

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  2. San Francisco 49ers: Will Aldon Smith's Suspension Crush Their Playoff Chances?

    Nine games is a long time for the San Francisco 49ers to be without Aldon Smith. When the suspension came down on Friday afternoon , it was a surprise—Matt Maiocco had reported that the 49ers were expecting a 6-8 game suspension ...

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  3. Debate: What Worries You Most About Clash with Dallas?

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  4. Baalke: No Decision Yet on Whether McDonald Plays Sunday

    The 49ers currently are in “fact finding mode” when it comes to defensive end Ray McDonald, general manager Trent Baalke said this morning, and no decision has been made yet whether...

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  5. Breaking Down 49ers' LB Aaron Lynch's Preseason Campaign

    The San Francisco 49ers ' rookie outside linebacker Aaron Lynch has certainly made a name for himself this preseason. The 6'5", 249-pound Lynch was drafted by San Francisco in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL draft...

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  6. 2014 Predictions: San Francisco 49ers

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  7. Harbaugh: Osgood Will Return to 49ers

    Coach Jim Harbaugh said he expects veteran special-teamer Kassim Osgood to return to the 49ers ' 53-man roster on Tuesday.....

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  8. Harbaugh: Domestic Violence Will Not Be Tolerated

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  9. 49ers Rookie Roundup: Class of 2014

    To examine the San Francisco 49ers 12-man NFL Draft class, 49ers.com checked in with a college coach of each pick. Here are condensed versions of all the profiles....

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  10. San Francisco 49ers: After Ray McDonald's Arrest, Is There a Discipline Problem?

    When Ray McDonald was arrested on domestic violence charges on Sunday morning, it was the tenth arrest of a San Francisco 49er player since Jim Harbaugh took over the team in Jan...

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  11. How RB Carlos Hyde Can Thrive in 49ers' Rushing Offense

    San Francisco 49ers fans are witnessing the end of one era and the assured beginning of another. At 31 years old, five-time Pro Bowler Frank Gore is winding down his storied career in San Francisco...

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  12. 10 Bold Predictions for San Francisco 49ers

    Let's get bold. The 2014 season starts this Sunday for the San Francisco 49ers . We can't wait. You can't either. So let's go out on a limb, put tongue firmly in cheek and make 10 bold predictions for the coming season...

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  13. 49ers Complete Practice Squad

    The 49ers also completed their 10-player practice squad with the signings of three players form outside the organization: running back Kendall Gaskins, tackle John Fullington and cornerback Chance Casey...

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  14. For Starters, Alex Boone Will Report in Good Shape

    It's unknown how long it will take Alex Boone to retake the 49ers ' starting right guard position after.....

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  15. 49ers Take Wait-and-See Approaches with McDonald, Boone

    Right tackle Anthony Davis , who missed most of training camp and all four exhibition games after offseason shoulder surgery, is expected to be in the 49ers ' starting lineup Sunday in the regular-season opener against the Dallas Cowboys ...

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  16. 49ers Lead NFL in Arrests Past 3 Years

    Over on the 49ers blog, Eric Branch is handling the disturbing breaking news of the Ray McDonald arrest on felony domestic violence charges involving his reportedly pregnant fiancee at a party at his home in San Jose Sunday morning...

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  17. Will Spillman Spill 49ers' Secrets in Dallas?

    The San Francisco 49ers might see a familiar face in next week's opener as former special teams ace C.J. Spillman is set to sign with the Dallas Cowboys , according to reports.....

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  18. Breaking Down 49ers Practice Squad

    With the season just a week away, the San Francisco 49ers , like many other NFL teams, have set their 53-man roster...

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  19. Grading the San Francisco 49ers' Final 53-Man Roster

    The San Francisco 49ers have cut their roster down to the required 53-player limit. Training camp was highly competitive for the last few spots on the team, and there were several tough decisions that had to be made...

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  20. Biggest Surprises and Snubs from the San Francisco 49ers' Roster Cuts

    Cuts have come and cuts have gone, and the San Francisco 49ers are down to their initial 53-man roster...

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  21. 49ers Sign 7 Players to Practice Squad

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  22. 49ers 2014 Virtual Program: Depth Chart Analysis, X-Factors and More

    The "quest for six" resumes for the San Francisco 49ers as they look to ring in a new era in the long history of this storied franchise...

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  23. Debate: Who Needs to Step Up on SF's Defense Now?

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  24. Debate: What Will 49ers' Record Be in 2014?

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  25. 49ers' Initial 53-Man Roster

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