1. San Francisco 49ers: Should Blaine Gabbert or Josh Johnson Be the Backup QB?

    The San Francisco 49ers seem to have a backup-quarterback problem. None of Blaine Gabbert, Josh Johnson or McLeod Bethel-Thompson have lit the world on fire during the first two preseason games...

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  2. Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers Hope to Reach Deal

    While right guard Alex Boone continues his summer-long holdout, the San Francisco 49ers are busy working on extension for other key players...

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  3. 49ers Sign Glenn Dorsey to Contract Extension

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  4. San Francisco 49ers: Previewing the 53-Man Roster

    The time has come for the San Francisco 49ers to begin paring down their roster. With only two more preseason games left on the calendar, general manager Trent Baalke and the 49ers ...

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  5. San Francisco 49ers: Updated Outlook on Rookie CB Kenneth Acker

    As a sixth-round draft pick in the 2014 NFL draft, rookie cornerback Kenneth Acker faces a long and daunting road to ensuring he makes it onto the San Francisco 49ers ' final 53-man roster at the conclusion of the preseason...

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  6. 49ers RT Davis Returns to Field, on Target to Start Opener

    Right tackle Anthony Davis , who underwent offseason shoulder surgery, made his return to the 49ers ' practice field on Tuesday...

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  7. Kaepernick Talks About Foot Injury That Slowed Him in 2013

    The 49ers last year reined in Colin Kaepernick 's running plays to save their starting quarterback from excessive wear and tear and because he suffered a significant injury to his foot...

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  8. Kawakami: Who Could Partner with Jim Harbaugh If He Moves

    This is not being written to intentionally disrupt the 49ers ' 2014 preparations, though I'm sure I will be accused of exactly that...

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  9. 49ers Preseason Losses Surfacing Frustration with Harbaugh Practices, Contracts

    Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers have now suffered two straight blowout preseason losses. Is turmoil building in the locker room? Is Harbaugh working the team "too hard" after ...

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  10. Rookie CB Acker: 'I'm Here Now'

    The three practices in which the 49ers remained on the East Coast to match up daily with the Baltimore Ravens signaled the arrival of a young defensive back...

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  11. Highlighting San Francisco 49ers' Best Preseason Performers so Far

    Lost in the San Francisco 49ers ' two blowout losses in the preseason have been a few standout performers. And most have come from the defensive side of the ball...

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  12. Kaepernick Reacts to Dockett's Season-Ending Knee Injury

    Darnell Dockett, a mainstay on the Arizona Cardinals ' defensive line for the past decade, is out for the season due to a knee injury...

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  13. San Francisco 49ers: Should You Panic over the Poor Start to the Preseason?

    It’s safe to say the San Francisco 49ers haven’t had the most inspiring of preseasons. The 49ers followed up a 23-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens with a 34-0 drubbing ...

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  14. San Francisco 49ers: Should We Worry Halfway Through 2014 Preseason?

    The San Francisco 49ers have scored a total of three points in eight total quarters of preseason football thus far. Let that number sink in for just a moment—three points...

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  15. Debate: What Worries You Most About the Niners?

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  16. Holdout Boone, 49ers Remain Apart in Contract Stalemate

    SANTA CLARA – Guard Alex Boone remains away from the 49ers in a contract holdout with no indication the sides are any closer to coming together...

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  17. San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos: Report Card Grades for Each 49ers Unit

    All right San Francisco 49ers fans, let us take a deep breath before diving into further evaluation of San Francisco's 34-0 loss at the hands of the Denver Broncos on Sunday. It is preseason—nothing more and nothing less...

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  18. Fan Dies After Heart Attack at Levi's Stadium

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  19. 49ers Fan Dies After Collapsing at Levi's Stadium Opener

    SANTA CLARA -- A 49ers fan died of an apparent heart issue Sunday after collapsing in front of dozens of other Niner faithful during the team's first game at Levi's Stadium, authorities said...

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  20. Notes: Gore Not Running to Panic Button; Sod Gets Mixed Reviews

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  21. Harbaugh: 'We're Not Going to Keep Experimenting'

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  22. MMQB: Niners' New Digs 'Imaginative and Cool'

    The 49ers debut their new digs, which establishes a new stadium status quo in the NFL . Plus, Blake Bortles makes things difficult in Jacksonville , a look inside the growing penalty problem and more notes from Week 2 of the preseason...

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  23. Breaking Down the San Francisco 49ers' Likely Opening Game Starting Lineup

    The 2014 San Francisco 49ers will have several notable changes from the 2013 edition. On opening day last season against the Green Bay Packers , the 49ers saw Kyle Williams and Marlon Moore in the second and third wide receiver positions...

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  24. Competition continues to find worthy replacement for Bowman

    On the surface, inside linebacker Michael Wilhoite had a strong first half and only seemed to strengthen his case to replace NaVorro Bowman in the 49ers ' starting lineup...

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  25. Kaepernick: Levi's Stadium Will Be Louder Than Candlestick

    The initial reviews of Levi's Stadium were a lot more positive than the performance of team that now calls it their home...

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