1. Jay Harbaugh Determined to Forge Independent Coaching Career

    This week Jay Harbaugh, offensive coach at the Baltimore Ravens , turned down the opportunity to work alongside his father, Jim , at the San Francisco 49ers ...

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  2. San Francisco 49ers: Players to Watch Against the Baltimore Ravens

    The San Francisco 49ers begin their preseason slate Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens . It’ll be broadcast nationally on the NFL Network at 4:30 p.m...

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  3. 49ers' Boldin Seeking Closure in Return to Baltimore

    BALTIMORE, Md. -- An exhibition opener shouldn't mean much for a 12th-year veteran. But these are special circumstances for Anquan Boldin...

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  4. Debate: Who Will Win SF's Nickel CB Job?

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  5. 5 San Francisco 49ers with the Most to Prove in Preseason Week 1

    The preseason is upon us, and fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that football has arrived. But there remains work to do before the 2014 NFL season kicks off...

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  6. Colin Kaepernick Talks Roster Competition and Tension in Camp

    49ers QB Colin Kaepernick had some interesting comments on Tuesday, as he discussed some of the tension in training camp. We've got the transcript.....

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  7. Vic Fangio: Jimmie Ward Doesn't Repeat Mistakes

    The San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator spoke highly of the rookie defensive back's performance thus far in training camp.....

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  8. 49ers Museum Opens Friday

    The 49ers Museum, located on the north side of Levi's Stadium, opens Friday. Tickets are $15. Here's a sneak peek at some of the things you'll find inside.....

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  9. 49ers RB Hunter Clears Waivers, Headed to IR

    SANTA CLARA – Running back Kendall Hunter will spend the season on the 49ers ' injured reserve list after he cleared waivers on Tuesday.....

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  10. Greg Roman: Bruce Miller Becoming a 'Swiss Army Knife'

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  11. San Francisco 49ers' Rookie Training Camp Progress Reports

    Training camp is in full swing, and the San Francisco 49ers have seen plenty of positives, along with a few major negatives. On the good side, several young players have been stepping forward and catching the eye of the coaching staff...

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  12. San Francisco 49ers: Projecting Michael Crabtree and the Top Receivers for 2014

    When it comes to the passing game, the San Francisco 49ers have fallen since their heyday, when they were consistently one of the top passing offenses in football...

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  13. 49ers Camp Report: Day 11

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  14. The Future Is Now: How Levi's Stadium Will Change the Fan Experience

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Levi's Stadium had less than three hours to go Saturday before the San Jose Earthquakes and Seattle Sounders played the first-ever sporting event on its $1...

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  15. Quinton Patton Making His Mark at WR

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The San Francisco 49ers ' receiving group should be much deeper this season than it was last year...

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  16. 49ers Camp Report: Day 10

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  17. Kaepernick Disability Policy Creates Bizarre Gap in Coverage

    As much as the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick may try to characterize his new contract as something that applies only to the 49ers and Kaepernick, other teams hope to.....

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  18. Which 49ers Players Are Destined for Pro Bowl Performances in 2014?

    You know the usual suspects are destined for 2014 Pro Bowl nods from the San Francisco 49ers . Of course I'm talking about Patrick Willis , Joe Staley and Justin Smith, who all have current Pro Bowl streaks to extend...

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  19. Examining Glenn Dorsey's Biceps Tear as Injury-Plagued 49ers Preseason Continues

    As if the San Francisco 49ers needed another serious injury, defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey suffered a torn biceps over the weekend, an injury that might end his 2014 season before it begins...

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  20. San Francisco 49ers' Training Camp: Week 2 Stock Report

    We’re less than three days away from the San Francisco 49ers ’ first preseason game, and the haze of training camp reports are about to give way to actual performance on the field...

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  21. Blake Costanzo: 'Every Training Camp I'm Miserable, Man'

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  22. 6 Players Turning Heads at San Francisco 49ers Training Camp

    Training camp is well underway, and for the San Francisco 49ers , there have already been a number of players that have shown signs of good form ahead of the new season...

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  23. Report: 49ers to Sign Rookie RB Winston

    SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers are expected to sign former Michigan State running back Glenn Winston to fill out the team's 90-man roster, according to a source.....

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  24. 49ers Waive/injured RB Kendall Hunter

    The 49ers are going to try and sneak injured tailback Kendall Hunter through waivers and onto injured reserve...

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  25. Hyde: 'It's Starting to Click'

    Carlos Hyde has impressed 49ers coaches with his football acumen. And he looks the part on the field, too...

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