1. Debate: Which Niner's Seat Should Be the Hottest?

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  2. Keena Turner: Aldon Smith and Charles Haley Have a Special Bond

    Keena Turner is a former linebacker and a four-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers . He currently serves as the Vice President of Football Affairs for the 49ers...

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  3. 49ers Players React to Team USA Winning the Women's World Cup

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  4. 5 Dark-Horse Candidates to Make San Francisco 49ers' Final 53-Man Roster

    You don’t have to dig deep to find dark horses who can make the San Francisco 49ers ’ final roster in 2015. On the offense alone, I count five serious dark horses...

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  5. 5 Biggest Obstacles Facing the San Francisco 49ers in 2015

    The San Francisco 49ers struggled last season, falling to an 8-8 record after reaching three straight NFC Championship games...

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  6. For Chris Borland, Leaving NFL Is Not About the Money

    Almost four months removed from announcing he was retiring from football because of concerns about brain injury — at age 24 and after just one season in the National Football ...

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  7. 49ers' Vets Face Competition to Hold onto Roster Spots

    Despite the losses of 11 players who started a combined 130 games, plus the best punter in franchise history, plenty of talent remains on the 49ers ' roster...

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  8. Turner: Smith's Relationship with Haley Is Special to Watch

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  9. 49ers: Full Position Breakdown and Depth-Chart Analysis at Outside Linebacker

    The San Francisco 49ers have five outside linebackers who matter: Aldon Smith, Aaron Lynch, Ahmad Brooks , Eli Harold and Corey Lemonier. All five probably won’t make the team, though...

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  10. Predicting San Francisco 49ers' 2015 Unsung Hero

    The San Francisco 49ers have plenty of big names on their roster, like Colin Kaepernick and Torrey Smith , but there are also some unsung heroes...

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  11. 49ers' Cap Outlook Depends on Kap's Performance

    Salary cap implications for a successful team are almost impossible to avoid, and the 49ers are seeing them on the heels of a three-year run...

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  12. Grant Cohn: What We'll Miss About Jim Harbaugh

    When the 49ers ' training camp begins in about a month, practices will be shorter, quieter, less intense than last year. And someone will be missing. .....

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  13. Three Young 49ers Endure Offseason Setbacks

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  14. San Francisco 49ers: Evaluating Isaiah Battle and the Supplementary Draft

    Next week, the NFL hosts its annual supplemental draft. The supplemental draft is an opportunity for players to enter the NFL who have had situations impact their eligibility, causing them to miss the deadline for entering the normal draft...

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  15. Top 5 San Francisco 49ers Entering Crucial Contract Seasons in 2015

    One player on the San Francisco 49ers entering a crucial contract season is 40-year old kicker Phil Dawson. Dawson is one of the most accurate field-goal kickers ever. His 84...

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  16. San Francisco 49ers Players Most Likely to Be Cut Before Start of 2015 Season

    The San Francisco 49ers, like every NFL team, will have difficult roster decisions to make at the end of preseason...

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  17. San Francisco 49ers Triallist Kevin Reed Jnr Backs Jarryd Hayne's 49ers NFL Bid

    KEVIN Reed Jnr knows how it feels to trial with the San Francisco 49ers . To sit one, maybe two picks from their NFL roster. And then, be cut...

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  18. Who Should Emerge as 49ers' No. 3 Wide Receiver in 2015?

    The San Francisco 49ers have all but figured out who their starting two wide receivers will be in the upcoming 2015 NFL season. Veterans Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith are almost assured to occupy the Nos...

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  19. Dial, 49ers Help Terminal Cancer Patient Check off Bucket List Items

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  20. 49ers Evaluating Supplemental Draft Hopefuls

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  21. San Francisco 49ers: Picking Top Players from the 2014 Opponents

    While the San Francisco 49ers still boast a decently talented roster after this past offseason, there’s no doubt they’ve seen a substantial talent drain. Patrick Willis , Justin Smith and Chris Borland have retired...

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  22. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each San Francisco 49ers Rookie

    What are realistic expectations for the San Francisco 49ers ’ 2015 rookie class? A pessimist might say this rookie class will be one of the NFL 's worst. The first-round pick, former Oregon defensive lineman Arik Armstead, is a project...

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  23. NFC West Q the Book on New San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Tomsula?

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  24. San Francisco 49ers: What Can We Expect from Carlos Hyde in Year 2?

    When I published a list of stat projections for players on the San Francisco 49ers Monday, the most optimistic prediction was easily the one for Carlos Hyde ...

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  25. 5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on 49ers' Practice Squad in 2015

    Only certain players on the San Francisco 49ers are eligible for the practice squad. Any player who has been on an NFL team’s active roster for six or more games can’t be on a practice squad, according to Mark Sandritter of SB Nation ...

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