1. Spurs' Boban Marjanovic Cranks Up the Tunes in Funny Car Commercial

    Boban Marjanovic has already found work in entertainment, and no, it isn't as a colossal hand model . In a recent World Car television spot, the San Antonio Spurs rookie can ...

    Vanessa de Beaumont Written by Vanessa de Beaumont about 11 months ago 28,976 reads 30 comments

  2. Western Conference Sets Record with 3 40-Win Teams at All-Star Break

    With the Golden State Warriors (48-4), San Antonio Spurs (45-8) and Oklahoma City Thunder (40-14) all playing at an extremely high level, the NBA has three 40-win teams from ...

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  3. Gregg Popovich Says He and Drake Are 'Tight,' Won't Name Favorite Song

    You never know what kind of response you'll get from San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich (or if you'll get one at all). The comment he delivered about Drake on Friday, however, must be one of the most unexpected answers he has ever given..

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  4. Beneath the Gruff Exterior, Gregg Popovich Is Just a Big Teddy Bear

    MIAMI — Gregg Popovich isn't an NBA bully —he just often appears as such on TV. The longtime San Antonio Spurs coach and Air Force Academy grad can be uncomfortably ...

    Zach Buckley Written by Zach Buckley about 12 months ago 44,096 reads 45 comments

  5. San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat: Game Thread and Reactions

    The San Antonio Spurs came into Miami on Tuesday night and simply overwhelmed the Heat . The Heat had a lead for much of the first half...

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  6. Manu Ginobili Injury: Updates on Spurs Guard's Recovery from Testicular Surgery

    San Antonio Spurs swingman Manu Ginobili suffered a testicular injury against the New Orleans Pelicans on Feb. 3, which required surgery, and hasn't played since. However, he's ready to return to the court...

    Joseph Zucker Written by Joseph Zucker about 12 months ago 110,673 reads 183 comments

  7. How LaMarcus Aldridge Fast-Tracked Spurs' Learning Curve to Earn All-Star Bid

    SAN ANTONIO — LaMarcus Aldridge arrived in Northeast Ohio for Saturday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers as a member of a select group...

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  8. Spurs Become 5th NBA Team to Win 1st 25 Home Games

    The San Antonio Spurs improved their home record to 25-0 with Wednesday's 130-99 rout of the Houston Rockets , becoming just the fifth team in NBA history to win its first 25 ...

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  9. Tim Duncan Injury: Updates on Spurs Star's Knee and Return

    San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan missed the Jan. 25 loss to the Golden State Warriors due to soreness in his right knee and hadn't played since. However, he's ready to return...

    Timothy Rapp Written by Timothy Rapp about 12 months ago 55,310 reads 280 comments

  10. LaMarcus Aldridge Injury: Updates on Spurs Star's Back and Return

    San Antonio Spurs star LaMarcus Aldridge missed a Jan. 22 matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers because of back spasms . However, he is ready to return. Continue for updates...

    Scott Polacek Written by Scott Polacek about 1 year ago 4,523 reads 5 comments