1. Kawhi Leonard Throws Down Huge 2-Handed Putback During Game 4 of NBA Finals

    Kawhi Leonard proved he could absolutely fly during the second quarter of the San Antonio Spurs ' latest exploits in the 2014 NBA Finals ...

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  2. Video: Diaw's No-Look Pass for Splitter Jam

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  3. Stop Giving Spurs All Credit for Kawhi's Stardom

    Two things seem to get most of the credit for Kawhi's stardom: his hands and the Spurs . By doing this, we sell Kawhi himself short...

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  4. Duncan Sports Some Nice Jeans to Game 4

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  5. Duncan Enjoying 'What the Journey Means'

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  6. Grantland: Danny Green's Secret Superpower

    There are lots of role players who are in the league because they are really good at one discrete thing. Many of them are spot-up shooters — Steve Kerr and Steve Novak types...

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  7. NBA Playoff Schedule 2014: TV Info, Predictions for Remainder of Final Series

    The length of the remaining 2014 NBA playoff schedule will be determined by how the Miami Heat respond to the 111-92 trashing it received from the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3...

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  8. San Antonio Spurs Can't Squander 2nd Chance to Dethrone Miami Heat

    If last year’s Miami Heat had an action-hero equivalent, it would most certainly be Indiana Jones: doomed to certain death before a last-ditch dive out of the room in some booby-trapped tomb...

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  9. 5 Keys to San Antonio Spurs Closing Out 2014 NBA Finals

    The San Antonio Spurs are off to a promising start in the 2014 NBA Finals against the Miami Heat , and some keys to emerging victorious in two more contests are standing out...

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  10. 5 Takeaways from San Antonio Spurs' Game 3 Performance in 2014 NBA Finals

    The San Antonio Spurs soundly defeated the Miami Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals to secure a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series...

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  11. San Antonio Spurs Set NBA Finals Record 75.8% Shooting in the Finals Game 3

    The San Antonio Spurs hit the floor in American Airlines Arena focused and ready to play in Tuesday night's Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat ...

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  12. The Two Adjustments That Won Game 3 for San Antonio

    The San Antonio Spurs were coming off a disappointing Game 2 loss in the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat and lost homecourt advantage...

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  13. Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green Key in Spurs' Game 3 Romp over Heat

    Right from the start of San Antonio's Game 3 rollicking victory, Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green put the pressure on Miami...

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  14. How Kawhi Leonard Revived the Spurs' Fading Dynasty

    MIAMI – The shy, reticent California kid responsible for transforming the San Antonio Spurs , delivering a gassed dynasty its second wind, had come to the franchise with brazen strength, a stout spirit and a flawed shot...

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  15. Kawhi Leonard Answers Call for Breakout Performance in Spurs' Game 3 Win

    After giving up home-court advantage in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs needed somebody to help them get it back. Kawhi Leonard was that somebody...

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  16. Pop on 1st-Half Shooting: 'Never Happen Again'

    "That'll never happen again. That's crazy." - Gregg Popovich on the @spurs shooting 19-of-21 to start the game...

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  17. Video: Leonard Skies for Jam over Birdman

    Kawhi Leonard threw down a massive dunk as the Spurs attempted to weather the storm in the fourth quarter of Game 3 and hold on for a win...

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  18. Spurs Set Finals Records for FG Percentage in 1st Quarter and 1st Half of Game 3

    Much of the conversation following the Miami Heat ’s 98-96 Game 2 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday concerned whether LeBron James and company had finally “figured out” their foes...

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  19. Spurs' 41 Pts 3rd Most in NBA Finals History

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  20. Video: Ginobili Nails 3-Pointer at 1st-Qtr Buzzer

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  21. Video: Green Steals, Kawhi Throws Down Jam

    The San Antonio Spurs look like they're in control early in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. After both they and the Miami Heat started out hot on Tuesday, the Spurs went on a 14-2 run...

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  22. Spurs Deny Reports of Hiring Messina

    MIAMI, Florida — Spurs general manager R.C. Buford on Tuesday denied published reports indicating the Spurs will add highly regarded European coach Ettore Messina to Gregg Popovich's coaching staff...

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  23. Spurs vs. Heat: Manu Ginobili Looking to Impose His Will in Game 3

    With 28.2 seconds left in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals , three-time NBA champion Manu Ginobili stepped to the free-throw line...

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  24. DJ Khaled Claims Spurs Cheated in Game 1, Cites 'The Streets' as His Source

    You know where all the juicy, air conditioning gossip goes down? That's right—"the streets." Hip-hop producer DJ Khaled joined First Take in Miami on Tuesday to talk ...

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  25. 2014 NBA Finals: Kawhi Leonard Must Bring It in Game 3

    The San Antonio Spurs are three wins away from being crowned NBA champions, but they won’t be able to do so if Kawhi Leonard does not start to perform the way we are used to...

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