1. If it's Madson for #Royals in the 8th against top of #BlueJays' order, that's when it'll happen for Toronto if it's gonna happen. #MLB #ALCS

  2. Report: Jays Searching for Closers, Eyeing Madson

  3. Predicting Impact FAs Who Will Sign Quickly

  4. Royals' Madson Gets Support for Stance on HGH as Treatment

  5. The eighth inning belongs to Ryan Madson.

  6. RHP Ryan Madson to pitch T8 for #Royals. #MLB #BlueJays #ALCS

  7. Royals lead 3-1 after seven. Jays have Revere-Donaldson-Bautista due up against Ryan Madson in the eighth. Buckle up.

  8. Royals lead 3-1 through seven. Ryan Madson on for the Royals

  9. Look, Madson has been great all year. But Davis is KC's best. Donaldson/Bautista are Toronto's best. Let's get weird.

  10. Ryan Madson in the game for #Royals in 8th. Wade Davis has yet to get up in the pen.

  11. Wade Davis just got up and started throwing. Short leash for Ryan Madson, you'd think. #Royals

  12. Now pitching for the #Royals in the 8th: Ryan Madson.

  13. Madson stepped on the gas. Hit 96 to strike out Donaldson. Bautista up.

  14. #BlueJays T8 (so far) Revere IF-1B; Donaldson K-L; Bautista 2R-HR; Encarnacion BB; RHP Wade Davis for Ryan Madson; #MLB #Royals #ALCS

  15. We are in a rain delay, and depending on how long this goes, the Royals may be without Wade Davis -- and Herrera, and Madson.

  16. First lead Ryan Madson has blown on a homer since 9/26/10: Carlos Beltran. 4th homer off Madson this postseason. #Royals #ALCS

  17. Ryan Madson is not a bad pitcher. But Wade Davis an EXCEPTIONAL pitcher.

  18. Ryan Madson was asked if he had any thoughts on the match-up with the Mets. He looked around at the chaos & said, "no," with a smile #Royals

  19. Kendrys Morales finishes fifth, two votes for Ryan Madson. https://t.co/TFhLOhaplw

  20. It's a year later. But Royals hitting coach Dale can't stop thinking about Madson Bumgarner: "One thing thing... https://t.co/qlVwjy8h5Q

  21. The 11th inning belongs to Ryan Madson.

  22. Jon Niese with perfect frame, buying me more time to rewrite story. Ryan Madson enters. #Mets 4, #Royals 4, end 10 https://t.co/eGw8dzSHEE

  23. Ryan Madson coming in. It's been a long road back for him. On the HS kid, scout & facility that got him back, ICYMI: https://t.co/bNSBu8ShBX

  24. Here comes Ryan Madson. Very good in regular season. Allowed 4 HRs in 5 1/3 innings to #Astros and #BlueJays in playoffs.

  25. But Madson telegraphed that pass all the way, man https://t.co/HkqC6UbiFP

  26. The captain vs. ex-Phillie Ryan Madson with two aboard and two outs. #Mets 4, #Royals 4, top 11

  27. Two on, two out, Dave Wright v. Ryan Madson. Somewhere in Philly, a light flickered on at Citizens Bank Park.

  28. If Ryan Madson has a knuckleball, he might want to try it right about now.

  29. Ponchado Wright por Madson. Vamos al cierre del inning 11. #Mets 4 #Royals 4.

  30. Ryan Madson Ks David Wright to strand 2. #Mets 4, #Royals 4, mid-11

  31. Madson strikes out Wright. The Royals have a chance to walk off, again.

  32. On the 8th pitch of the at-bat, Ryan Madson strikes out David Wright. Bottom 11 time. #WorldSeries #NYMvsKC

  33. Ryan Madson works out of a jam of his own making. Jarrod Dyson -- in for Kendrys Morales -- Mike Moustakas and Salvador Perez are due up.

  34. Terrific battle between Madson and Wright, won by Madson. #Royals on to bottom of 11th

  35. Madson has 60 reg-season relief apps. v. #Mets. 6th all-time. You are a diehard NYM fan if you can name other 5. #Royals

  36. it'd be weird if Ryan Madson were still a starter and he faced the Giants. There would be some confusion over a Madson-Bumgarner matchup.

  37. Big-time pitching from Madson! #Royals bat in the 11th. Get ready to raise the antlers! https://t.co/Lx1Qqp45X2

  38. Redemption for #Royals reliever Ryan Madson? You bet. #TakeTheCrown #ForeverRoyal #WorldSeries https://t.co/HM37dlC3Vw

  39. Why the heck is Ryan Madson going to pitch?

  40. #Royals are held in check, and Madson comes out to pitch the 7th.

  41. Ryan Madson will handle the bottom of the seventh. Heh heh, I said he'd handle the bottom.

  42. Ryan Madson had been a really excellent pitcher this year. It's a shame a poor October has made some people forget this.