1. Hulk Withdrawn from 2018 Draw

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  2. Russia's 'Most Comfortable' Set for World Cup Boost

    Alongside the other centres hosting the world cup in three years, and on the standards of vast Russia, it is small, with a population little over 300,000. Next to St Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg, it struggles for recognition...

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  3. Russian FA Reject Frimpong's Complaint of Racist Abuse

    Allegations by Ufa's Ghanaian midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong that he was racially abused by Spartak Moscow supporters have been rejected, the Russian Football Union (RFU) said on Wednesday...

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  4. Fabio Capello, Russia Part Company: Latest Details and Reaction

    Fabio Capello 's problem-stricken reign as Russia coach has concluded after he was sacked three years before the end of his contract...

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  5. Report: Capello Earned £1.2M for Every Win as Russia Boss

    Fabio Capello has been sacked by Russia - three years before the country hosts the 2018 World Cup finals, earning around £20.4m for his three years in charge and is reported to have been handed a £10...

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  6. Report: Russia to Sack Capello

    Russian media claim Fabio Capello will be sacked on Wednesday, making way for CSKA Moscow Coach Leonid Slutsky.....

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  7. Janko's Acrobatics Give Austria Victory in Moscow

    A spectacular overhead kick from Marc Janko gave Austria an impressive 1-0 win in Russia on Sunday to put them in control of Euro 2016 qualifying Group G...

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  8. Capello's Russia Beats Belarus 4-2 in Friendly

    Coach Fabio Capello's Russia came from behind to beat Belarus 4-2 in a friendly Sunday thanks to goals from two young newcomers. Russia led through Alexander Kokorin's 20th-minute opener before two goals from Sergei Kislyak put Belarus ahead...

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  9. Krasnodar Owner Accuses UEFA of FFP Rubbish

    MOSCOW (AP) — The billionaire owner of a Russian club has accused UEFA of stifling the growth of soccer in Eastern Europe with financial fair play restrictions.....

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  10. Dark Clouds Gather over Russia's 2018 World Cup Preparations

    ith just over three years to go until Russia hosts the World Cup, western sanctions and the weakened rouble are taking their toll on preparations, as the government tries to cut costs ...

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  11. Russia Gets 3-0 Win over Montenegro in Qualifier Marred by Crowd Violence

    NYON, Switzerland — UEFA has given Russia a 3-0 win over Montenegro by forfeit after crowd violence forced a European Championship qualifying match to be stopped and later abandoned...

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  12. Russia's Torpedo Moscow Punished for Nazi Symbol

    MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian Premier League team Torpedo Moscow must play two home games in an empty stadium after fans displayed a fascist banner, the club's fourth racism-related punishment this season...

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  13. Report: UEFA Open Disciplinary Proceedings Against Russia and Montenegro

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  14. Akinfeev Fully Recovered from Flare Incident

    Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev has thankfully avoided any serious injury when he was hit in the head with a flare on Friday in his country's Euro 2016 qualification match against Montenegro...

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  15. Russia Anger After Montenegro Euro 2016 Qualifier Abandoned

    The Russia Football Union (RFS) has expressed its anger after the country's Euro 2016 qualifier against Montenegro was abandoned after fans threw objects at the visiting players...

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  16. Russia Keeper Akinfeev Hit by Flare

    Russia goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev was struck on the back of the head by a flare as their Euro 2016 qualifier with Montenegro in Podgorica was abandoned.....

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  17. Watch: Russia's Keeper Hit by Flare from Crowd

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  18. Russia GK Down After Being Hit by Flare; Game Suspended

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  19. Capello Names XI to Face Montenegro

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  20. Ukraine's Poroshenko Calls for Russia 2018 Boycott

    March 17 - Ukraine's government is back on the offensive over a potential boycott of the 2018 World Cup in Russia with organisers countering that such a move would be doomed to failure...

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  21. Russia Say Capello £3.9M Wage Debt Is Paid

    The Russian Football Union said they have cleared their debt to coach Fabio Capello who had been unpaid since June...

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  22. Sports Minister Hammers Russian Financial Situation

    January 12 - Russia's sports minister Vitaliy Mutko has slammed his national football federation over their financial difficulties, their failure to pay coach Fabio Capello for six ...

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  23. Uefa Blocks Crimean Clubs from Playing in Russian Competitions

    Crimean clubs have been suspended by Uefa from playing in Russian domestic competitions. “The Russian football union may not organise any football competition in Crimea without ...

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  24. Capello: You Can Always Learn New Things

    Russia coach Fabio Capello has pretty much seen it all on the pitch and on the touchline. Yet even he was taken aback by the speed and enterprise of the football served up at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™...

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  25. Russia Scrapes 2-1 Win over Hungary in Friendly

    BUDAPEST, Hungary Russia ground out a 2-1 win over Hungary in a friendly on Tuesday, a welcome result for the visitors' under-pressure coach Fabio Capello...

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