1. Hulk Withdrawn from 2018 Draw

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  2. Russia's 'Most Comfortable' Set for World Cup Boost

    Alongside the other centres hosting the world cup in three years, and on the standards of vast Russia, it is small, with a population little over 300,000. Next to St Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg, it struggles for recognition...

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  3. Russian FA Reject Frimpong's Complaint of Racist Abuse

    Allegations by Ufa's Ghanaian midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong that he was racially abused by Spartak Moscow supporters have been rejected, the Russian Football Union (RFU) said on Wednesday...

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  4. Fabio Capello, Russia Part Company: Latest Details and Reaction

    Fabio Capello 's problem-stricken reign as Russia coach has concluded after he was sacked three years before the end of his contract...

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  5. Report: Capello Earned £1.2M for Every Win as Russia Boss

    Fabio Capello has been sacked by Russia - three years before the country hosts the 2018 World Cup finals, earning around £20.4m for his three years in charge and is reported to have been handed a £10...

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