1. Why Russell Okung is probably playing his last season as a Seahawk via @Evan_Hill1 http://t.co/KIy17QMUAi http://t.co/NYdSwDEsl5

  2. Mistakenly tweeted out that Okung is 26. Wrong, he's 28. Makes sense. Seahawks website needs to be updated.

  3. Also, I can't believe Okung is 26! Does that make me optimistic...or nah?

  4. Per @PFF, #Seahawks LT Russell Okung allowed five QB hurries last night.

  5. Okung says communication errors at heart of problems tonight. Says Detroit had a couple things they hadn't seen before.

  6. Russell okung says "we're struggling" on offensive line but that it's all fixable.

  7. Even Darryl Tapp getting in on Russell Wilson. Former #Seahawks DE beats Russell Okung forces INC

  8. #Seahawks captains for coin toss: Okung, Ryan, Wilson, Avril, Coyle, Wagner. Jacob Green honorary co-captain.

  9. #Seahawks trying to jump start themselves by going no-huddle for first time--and LT Russell Okung false starts. Lead CHI 3-0 late 2Q

  10. Russell Okung with the false start. Bottoms up, folks!

  11. False start on Okung. Seattle's third enforced penalty of the night.

  12. False start on Okung helps kill drive and Seahawks will punt from GB 42.

  13. Okung does lots of false starts #analysis

  14. Another flag... false start on Okung.

  15. Death, taxes, Bennett in neutral zone, Okung false start. Ugh. #Seahawks

  16. ESPN's #NFLRANK Top 100 Players Seattle Seahawks: 8. Richard Sherman (93.31) 14. Marshawn Lynch (91.68) 15. Earl Thomas (91.62) 23. Jimmy Graham (88.97) 32. Bobby Wagner (87.56) 33. Russell Wilson (87.55) 36. Kam Chancellor (86.92) 60. Michael Bennett (83.13) 91. Russell Okung (79.89) Top 5: 1. J.J. Watt (98.87) 2. Aaron Rodgers (98.34) 3. Tom Brady (95.15) 4. Ndamukong Suh (94.56) 5. Rob Gronkowski (94.51)

  17. While on subject if accountability, LT Russell Okung owned it for O-line after the game. #Seahawks

  18. (OK, 3-parter) It wasn't like Okung was dying to talk about OL giving up 6 sacks, but it was clear he wanted to answer for it as a veteran.

  19. ... Britt was fielding Qs about OL struggles when Okung made it clear to reporters that he was available to take attention away from him.

  20. #Seahawks LT Russell Okung said "we just got beat up, up front." Taking responsibility as well. Said margin of error so small.

  21. Russell Okung on the #Seahawks postgame show on @710ESPNSeattle. "I definitely have to play better."

  22. LT Russell Okung on #Seahawks' last play: Rams flooded all gaps. "4th & 1, we've got to win that" @thenewstribune