1. Runners Stop Mid-Race to Pay Tribute to 95-Year-Old WWII Vet

    During the 408k Race, which benefits the Pat Tillman Foundation, in San Jose, Calif. on Sunday, runners stopped mid-race to pay tribute to 95-year-old World War II veteran Joe Bell who had come out to cheer them on...

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  2. Honolulu Marathon 2013 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers

    While there might be more prestigious races around the world, few can match the sights and overall beauty of the Honolulu Marathon...

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  3. 2013 New York Marathon Results: Analyzing Race's Top Performances

    2013 New York Marathon results brought familiar faces to the winner’s circle. Geoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo of Kenya dashed across the finish line first in their ...

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  4. NYC Marathon 2013: Breaking Down Top Men's and Women's Finishers

    The distance between Kenya and New York may be thousands of miles, but once again it was Kenyan runners attacking the course and making the biggest mark in one of the world’s most famous marathons...

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  5. Amsterdam Marathon 2013: Prediction, Preview and Course Guide

    The Amsterdam Marathon ranks as one of the largest of its kind in Europe and indeed the world. Offering one of the most aesthetically pleasing routes that one can find on the continent’s ...

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  6. Chicago Marathon 2013: Analyzing Top Men's Performances in 36th Running

    Dennis Kimetto of Kenya won the 2013 Chicago Marathon in style, shattering the course record, but his teammates weren’t far behind. His time of 2:30:45 edged out the previous record holder by 1:03...

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  7. Chicago Marathon 2013 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers

    The Chicago Marathon is one of the biggest races in the world, which makes Dennis Kimetto the star of the day as the 2013 champion...

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  8. Chicago Marathon 2013: Top Contenders to Watch in Elite Race

    The Chicago Marathon has been one of the world's most prestigious races since its advent in 1977, and many of the best marathoners around will be competing for an opportunity to join an elite group of winners when the competition takes place on Sunday..

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  9. Berlin Marathon 2013: Predictions for Anticipated Distance Race

    The 40th Berlin Marathon is set to be an enthralling race. As ever, the German run will be crammed with 40,000 hopefuls, professional competitors and enough landmarks to satisfy ardent history buffs...

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  10. Great North Run 2013 Photos: Most Significant Images from Half Marathon Event

    Despite all the hype surrounding his on-going transition to road running, Mo Farah was unable to overcome the odds of the Great North Run and ultimately succumbed to the talents of Kenenisa Bekele ...

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  11. Great North Run 2013: Mo Farah Will Assert Global Dominance in Newcastle Outing

    Having already established himself as the man to watch when it comes to distance running on the track, this weekend will see Mo Farah translate that form to road running...

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  12. Cold Hard Fact for Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    Fact: In 1983, a 61-year-old potato farmer named Cliff Young won an ultramarathon of 544 miles by running through the night while his professional athlete competitors slept, beating them by 10 hours...

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  13. Mo Farah's Second Gold Would Prove He's Britain's Greatest Long-Distance Runner

    Described as Britain's greatest-ever long-distance runner by former British Olympic bronze medalist Brendan Foster, Mo Farah will look to cement his place in athletics history as he aims for a second gold at this year's World Championships in Moscow..

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  14. Mo Farah Eyes Golden Double at World Championships After Impressive 10,000m Win

    Long-distance running star Mo Farah achieved the "golden double" at the 2012 London Olympics , standing on top of the podium for the 5,000 and 10,000-meter races...

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  15. City2Surf 2013: Date, Start Time, Route and Race Preview

    The popular City2Surf road-running race winds its way along the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney on Aug. 11. As a charity event it serves as a popular race for both professional runners and those who simply want to enjoy a scenic run...

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  16. Boston Marathon Victims Gather to Finish Last Mile

    The horrific bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon shook the foundation of our nation's core. It had families coming together and represented one of America's worst tragedies on one of its most hallowed afternoons...

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  17. Bay to Breakers 2013: Highlighting Top Runners from Sunday's Race

    The 2013 Bay to Breakers was a phenomenal hit. Thousands of people participated in the San Francisco race, which began at Howard and Main streets, wound its way through Golden Gate Park and finished at Ocean Beach...

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  18. Bay to Breakers 2013: Date, Start Time, Route and Race Preview

    The Bay to Breakers run, a 12K race in San Francisco, is one of the most entertaining races in the country. At the annual running, you will see both serious runners and folks running in full costume (and yes, even a few streakers)...

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  19. London Marathon 2013: Emmanuel Mutai's Health Fails Him Once Again

    Emmanuel Mutai 's seventh-place finish last year at the London Marathon was his worst placing at a competition since the 2007 Rotterdam Marathon. The 28-year-old Kenyan had typhoid that year...

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  20. London Marathon 2013 Results: Breaking Down Top Finishers

    Tsegaye Kebede won his second career London Marathon on Sunday with a time of two hours, six minutes, four seconds...

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