1. One more #OffYouGoRoGro surprise, Romain masks for everyone! And wait for it.... https://t.co/EIrIWgmW3o

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  3. Grosjean Relegatd to Back Row After Penalty

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  5. Rosberg on Pole in Abu Dhabi

  6. Romain Grosjean hit with grid penalty; Roberto Merhi to start from pit lane in Abu Dhabi https://t.co/8Obdi8Fk3O #F1onNBC #AbuDhabiGP

  7. Today is @RGrosjean's 76th and final F1 race for Lotus - here he is at his first, the 2012 Australian GP #F1Finale https://t.co/fxxhGRI5f8

  8. Grosjean gets 5-place grid drop, will start P19 after gearbox change >> https://t.co/AbD8v4ccnf #AbuDhabiGP https://t.co/Ikbv8y5IfP

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  12. Five-place gearbox penalty for @RGrosjean 's final race with Lotus... https://t.co/itR7PpRzhJ #F1 #AbuDhabiGP

  13. Bernie Ecclestone fears Lotus will not survive if Renault takeover does not go ahead. https://t.co/SaDlkL0by8 https://t.co/GHtLukdsza

  14. Romain, Pastor, say hi to your mini selves for the last time this season! #MiniRomain #MiniPastor #AbuDhabiGP https://t.co/nLolyTw2v9

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  16. Grosjean: Points Not Guaranteed at Haas

  17. F1 Needs to Lift Restrictions on Engine Development

  18. Lotus's Romain Grosjean will get a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change, dropping to back of grid. VET and ALO up to 15th & 16th etc

  19. #r8main #Enstone #lotusf1 @lotusf1team

  20. Lotus owner Gerard Lopez says he has done all he can to get Renault takeover complete https://t.co/u93huGzmgD https://t.co/q5ojJI9PJU

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  24. Race day, let's have fun for the last one with the Lotus family ! C'est partit pour la dernière avec la famille Lotus, objectifs dépassements et plaisir ! #r8main #AbuDhabiGP #OffYouGoRoGro #lotusf1 #f1

  25. Ready to wear it for the last time ... #AbuDhabiGP #OffYouGoRoGro #lotus #f1 https://t.co/OCFcc2AqVw

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  30. Final chance to #WIN! When will I make his first takeover? Tweet #R8Opportunity to @SaxoSport or @SaxoBankMe. https://t.co/oC3nel0Fq0

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  33. Last Grand Prix Saturday evening with Dave ! Our team started in Singapore 2012 and finishes here. It has been a pleasure all along to work with David, will miss you pal ! #r8main #AbuDhabiGP #friends #team

  34. Our #Topshot for today: the sun setting on Yas Marina as Romain races around the track. #AbuDhabiGP https://t.co/Jn3nn5NJlr

  35. Lotus 'Confident' Renault Will Come Through; Plan B Unveiled

  36. Wolff Shows Challenge for Women in F1

  37. Grosjean after gearbox failure in Abu Dhabi qualifying: "S*** happens" https://t.co/w7EEsFbYTE #F1onNBC #AbuDhabiGP https://t.co/QhkzqK9ucc

  38. Lewis Hamilton Plans to Retire at 37

  39. S#*t happens, gearbox didn't want to finish our last quali together... Let's hope for a better day tomorrow! #AbuDhabiGP #r8main #f1

  40. Not the way Romain Grosjean would want to have ended his final qualifying with Lotus. LIVE: https://t.co/GC3gH2pmp6 https://t.co/IR9zJtWJbW

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  43. Grosjean's final qualifying session with Lotus ends disappointingly with hydraulic problems #AbuDhabiGP #Quali https://t.co/Pm1TusxqB2

  44. #F1 Grosjean managed to get back out, but has pulled off track having "lost everything" he will finish 15th in his last Lotus quali session

  45. Haas: We're Not Ferrari's Junior Team

  46. Haas: Magnussen 2nd Choice Behind Grosjean

  47. Grosjean got back out, but has been forced to park up at the side of the track. He'll start his last race for Lotus from 15th on the grid.

  48. Raikkonen pops up into P3, eight-tenths behind Hamilton. Grosjean is still in the pits with an issue on his car having not set a time.

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  50. Pirelli Announce Post-Season Tyre Test

  51. Lotus to Grosjean: "Bring back the car slowly, we have a problem". He is yet to set a time #Quali #AbuDhabiGP https://t.co/upSkCmIeUL

  52. #F1 Grosjean also being told to bring back the car slowly, he has an issue

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  55. Grosjean improves, Vettel is going slowly! Vettel is out in Q1 in Abu Dhabi, what a shock! #F1onNBC #AbuDhabiGP

  56. Button improves to go P9, great lap from the Briton! However, he dumps Alonso out and puts Grosjean at risk. Vettel also is! #F1onNBC

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  59. Romain with Romain everyone. Because he's worth it ;-) https://t.co/4FbQtms2LA

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  61. Rosberg Wins Mexican Grand Prix

  62. Last quali with @lotusf1team ... #r8main #AbuDhabiGP #OffYouGoRoGro  motorsport.com

  63. Last quali with @Lotus_F1Team .... #OffYouGoRoGro #AbuDhabiGP

  64. Schumacher 'Still Fighting', Reveals Jean Todt

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  66. ALO: Who was in front of me in the last three corners? Engineer: Stevens and Grosjean ALO: Idiot

  67. Romain wants to come home too. We let him. We're nice like that. https://t.co/3xYhS6MPya

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  70. Romain is done being fiddled with. #OffYougoRoGro! (We giggle every time we use this hashtag. Every single time.) https://t.co/uCZYsgRPha

  71. Romain off to queue for the green light. He is full of fun like that... #AbuDhabiGP #FP3 https://t.co/9zYP3kTJOf

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  74. Morning all, are you doing great ? Today is: last quali day with @Lotus_F1Team , let's do this ! #AbuDhabiGP #r8main https://t.co/SQqmmCNavS

  75. Breakfast time  #AbuDhabiGP #r8main #f1 #breakfast