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    Harrison Doubts Freeman's Injury

    by Tim Keeney

    almost 2 years ago From Bob McGinn of The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Those doubting Josh Freeman's concussion symptoms should check Read More »

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    Is Pats' Interest in Yeremiah Bell for Real?

    by Oliver Thomas

    The New England Patriots began the process of patching up its safety position by signing ex-San Diego Charger Steve Gregory on March 15. However, the chances of the Pats acquiring another safety vi... Read More »

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    Former Patriot Great Blasts Gronk

    by Nicholas Goss

    Rodney Harrison 's criticism of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski partying after losing Super Bowl XLVI to the New York Giants is incredibly stupid and proves the ... Read More »

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    5 Biggest Homers in NFL Media

    by Jon Dove

    Every NFL media personality works really hard to remain unbiased, but their preferences always find a way to surface. The human race is a very opinionated group; we develop strong feelings and typica... Read More »

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    " KILL the QB "

    by Lee Mangano

    Is football evolving or has it changed for the worst? The difference between the past, present and the future of the NFL is todays rule changes make it impossible and unfair to ... Read More »



NFL: The Coaches Are Speaking Out

by John Lewis

There's nothing like a good survey to spark a great debate. The NFL coaches were asked to name names as to who's the smartest and dirtiest in the league. The votes are in...



The Patriots are Looking Like They Did In 2005

by Henry Laboranti

With one season losing the Super Bowl, and another not making the playoffs, this year the Patriots look to be ready to win it all again...