1. . @RobertMathis98 described Matt @Hasselbeck best: "He's one hell of an insurance policy." #Colts https://t.co/1PhCnMMh9n

  2. Robert Mathis added this on Winston: "He made me a believer. With rookies, I always say show me, don't tell me."

  3. Robert Mathis pulled out the old Dwight Freeney spin move on that one -- nearly got Winston. #Colts need a pass rush, and soon.

  4. Reggie Wayne is in the building. Hosting a charity dinner event with Robert Mathis tomorrow

  5. Of those, three are out for extended periods: Luck, Castonzo, Dorsett. Two sat for rest: Andre Johnson, Robert Mathis.

  6. Koetter says Colts DE Robert Mathis is one of the best pass rushers in the league. Played against him many times as Jacksonville OC

  7. BTW Colts fans, Dwight Freeney. He's playing well in Arizona. Still got some moves. Still better than Robert Mathis.

  8. Did you track Robert Mathis snap count? https://t.co/TeDS0eodbL

  9. Robert Mathis has muscle cramps but his return is probable.

  10. Robert Mathis’ story starts in Atlanta, the day he and his mom were evicted from their home https://t.co/hOq0wSf55z https://t.co/Lvjfkm8DtD

  11. Long trek from #Atlanta McNair High to NFL: #Colts defensive end Robert Mathis delighted to return home a star. https://t.co/qmHAiV7pKr

  12. #Colts' Robert Mathis pays for playing in Atlanta hometown. #ColtsBlitz.com story/video. https://t.co/8iCIaEoVBE https://t.co/YLJ505oAhA

  13. Atlanta native Robert Mathis’ long journey from McNair to NFL stardom https://t.co/iKjXY1Yhw3

  14. Colts LB Robert Mathis is playing in Atlanta, his hometown, for just the second time this weekend. Needed 60 tix for Sunday. $$$!!

  15. Robert Mathis (@RobertMathis98 ) ready to help fill pash rush void left by Henry Anderson (@HenryAnderson91) https://t.co/rhVQ89Rlda @Colts

  16. Robert Mathis headed back to his neck of the woods for Atlanta game, bought 60 tickets for friends and family. 60!

  17. Colts HC Chuck Pagano talking to OLB Robert Mathis during pre-practice warmups Friday. https://t.co/GV539FmFdF

  18. Little known fact: Robert Mathis, one of the most feared pass rushers in NFL history, was once a choir boy. https://t.co/4FprnKYN0c

  19. What does 10 surgeries on your Achilles look like? The left leg of Robert Mathis: https://t.co/2PfiN6Crbh

  20. Robert Mathis opens up like never before: Mother's death, 10 surgeries, how long he’ll play https://t.co/hOq0wSf55z https://t.co/qHlajn95Hs

  21. #Colts fans will want to read our story on Robert Mathis coming later this week. One of the best interviews I've ever had with an athlete.

  22. Find out what Reggie Wayne & Robert Mathis are doing later this month to benefit @IndyWish: https://t.co/U6yJAdDUNM https://t.co/VuV1H93a2t

  23. Robert Mathis in pain on the sideline.

  24. Good sign, thus far: Mike Adams has not been taken to locker room yet. Being looked at on sideline, encouraged by Robert Mathis.

  25. “You have to know what you’re doing, because if you don’t, that’ll be 6.” — Robert Mathis on Peyton Manning https://t.co/VB2aFKM9Up

  26. Colts LB Robert Mathis is producing at age 34 and after tearing his Achilles https://t.co/PrpBFtEmFS

  27. Robert Mathis: "He's still Peyton. I wouldn't make it anything more or less than that b/c if you take him lightly, he'll hang 60 on you."

  28. T.Y. Hilton questionable, but Robert Mathis full-go for #Colts vs #Broncos https://t.co/TmMDN4QIEj https://t.co/VyJ59sYYJd

  29. re: Robert Mathis, Peyton says "he sure looks good out there."

  30. Over $20m in cap space to 3 players over 30: Trent Cole (33), Robert Mathis (34), D'Qwell Jackson (32). https://t.co/hPjKukEFXL

  31. ICYMI: Robert Mathis up, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton down for waiting too long to play up tempo in Colts loss https://t.co/ALoJzD8Z7o

  32. Robert Mathis up, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton down in Colts' loss https://t.co/ALoJzD8Z7o

  33. Robert Mathis up, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton down in Colts' loss https://t.co/ZTwzaHhzMN

  34. Must credit MNF for Robert Mathis sack. They show graphic on how #Colts have just 10 sacks, second fewest in NFL, so No. 98 gets one.

  35. Hello, Robert Mathis.

  36. Robert Mathis life status update: Alive

  37. Robert Mathis with his team-leading third sack. #Colts franchise leader has 114 in his career.