1. RGIII or Colin Kaepernick: Which Quarterback Has More to Prove in 2015?

    Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III both were dynamic playmakers in the pocket upon their arrival in the NFL but had unsuccessful 2014 seasons...

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  2. Washington Redskins: Full Position Breakdown and Analysis at Quarterback

    If everything hinges on the play at quarterback, the Washington Redskins could be in for another tough season...

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  3. Washington Redskins: More Read-Option Offense Won't Fix Robert Griffin III

    Mike Shanahan you're wrong. Just plain wrong. More of the read-option offense isn't going to be enough to fix Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins ...

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  4. Forget RG3, Washington Redskins Offense Must Be Run-Oriented in 2015

    The key to a Washington Redskins revival in 2015 won't be how quarterback Robert Griffin III performs in head coach Jay Gruden 's offense. It won't even be how much Gruden adapts the current playbook to better suit what Griffin can and can't do..

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  5. Washington Redskins' 2015 Draft Class Increases Pressure on RG3 to Deliver

    Robert Griffin III is unique among quarterbacks in the NFL . No other passer could stumble through two diabolical seasons and not only keep his job but also continue enjoying the benefit of having a team built around him...

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