1. Ninkovich is drawing a lot of holding calls this year.

  2. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  3. Hightower gets credited with one Ninkovich on that play.

  4. On cue, Ninkovich and Jones meet in the backfield, both get licks on Tannehill in the end zone. Incomplete on third down. Punt.

  5. Wonder if Ninkovich dropping into that mid-range area caused Tannehill to change arc on delivery.

  6. Back-to-back sacks! Ninkovich (10 yards) and Hightower (8 yards). #MIAvsNE

  7. Back-to-back sacks by Ninkovich and Hightower stop that drive before it can get started. Ninkovich continues to play well of late.

  8. Dane Fletcher was going to retire after suffering a torn ACL last season. Said Brady, Ninkovich, Mayo and his mom convinced him to play

  9. Patriots D warming up: Jones-Branch-Brown-Ninkovich / Freeny-Mayo-Hightower / Ryan-Butler / McCourty-Chung

  10. Patriots starting D in warmups: Chung, McCourty, Ryan, Butler, Mayo, Freeny, Hightower, Jones, Ninkovich, Branch, Brown

  11. Patriots start in a nickel: Ninkovich-Branch-Brown-Jones / Freeny-Hightower/ Coleman-Ryan-Butler/ Chung-McCourty

  12. #Patriots defensive starters: Ninkovich, Branch, Brown, Jones, Freeny, Hightower, Ryan, Butler, Coleman, Chung, McCourty. #WASvsNE

  13. Horizontal running plays not working for Washington. They need to just scrap that. Ninkovich ate that up.

  14. Branch did a great job getting into the backfield. Ninkovich destroyed that side of the line.

  15. Another drop for the Redskins. Took his eyes off the ball well before it arrived. Was waiting to get crunched by Ninkovich.

  16. Not a ton of pressure on Kirk Cousins. Easley was the most effective pass rusher. Ninkovich continues to be inconsistent on that front

  17. Ninkovich on Vereen: "It'll be fun tackling him."

  18. Patriots D warming up: Jones-Branch-Brown-Ninkovich / Mayo-Freeny-Hightower / Butler-Ryan / McCourty-Chung

  19. Two huge plays there by Ninkovich and Ryan.

  20. Sack by Ninkovich, breakup by Ryan forces punt. Patriots dodge a bullet there after the fumble.

  21. #Patriots DE Rob Ninkovich's sack on the previous #Giants possession proved vital to that go-ahead scoring drive. Huge play by Ninko.

  22. Ninkovich on why Stork has advantage at tackle https://t.co/VTW9W6qIxr

  23. Take Two-sday: Ninkovich sacks Giants scoring chance: https://t.co/x0WJoMWUed https://t.co/c1JCpQuUGL

  24. Week 10 Patriots vs Giants Social Commentary: "The Giants are the Patriots' Ninkovich" https://t.co/kRrelMMlhu https://t.co/bJYTh29ZrD

  25. Patriots D warming up: Jones-Branch-Brown-Ninkovich/ Hightower-Mayo Freeny / McCourty-Chung / Butler-Ryan

  26. #Patriots defensive starters: Ninkovich, Branch, Brown, Jones, Freeny, Mayo, Hightower, Ryan, Butler, Chung, McCourty. #BUFvsNE

  27. Sheard and Ninkovich are the DEs on this series. Last series it was Chandler Jones/Sheard.

  28. Ninkovich and Sheard start this drive at DE

  29. Ninkovich needs to stay outside of Taylor there. Chandler needs to finish that sack. -GK

  30. Ninkovich and Easley split the sack there. Wilson came on a pressure up the middle. Helped force Taylor from the pocket.

  31. Ninkovich & Easley combine on a zero-yd sack on 3rd down. Harper fair catches the punt and #Patriots take over at their 28-yd line. #BUFvsNE

  32. Does 2nd down count for a Ninkovich key play, @PP_Rich_Hill

  33. Give credit to Tyrod Taylor right there. That's really impressive to escape Chandler Jones, break Ninkovich contain and make throw on run

  34. Jabaal Sheard starts this series in place of Rob Ninkovich

  35. Rob Ninkovich with a critical sack during Sunday's game.

  36. Rob Ninkovich joins Dan Koppen & Mike Giardi on Monday Night #Patriots, tonight at 7pm ET on @CSNNE. https://t.co/dV4GLdb8ZK

  37. Rob Ninkovich ranks 2nd of active players with consecutive starts at defensive end with 74, behind only Julius Peppers' 95.

  38. Patriots lined Rob Ninkovich over Beckham in slot. He tried to crush him at snap. OBJ slipped by him clean. #giants

  39. Patriots out for coin toss look to include Devin McCourty, the safety the Giants wanted in offseason, Matt Slater, Ninkovich, Jerod Mayo.

  40. Photos: LeGarrette Blount, Rob Ninkovich and Tom Brady after Patriots' victory. https://t.co/GGXzJDdGx3