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  1. UFC 171 Predictions: Which Welterweights Make the Move into Contention?

    UFC 171 on Saturday night is headlined by the highly anticipated title bout between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler for the vacant crown. That fight, however, is not the only welterweight scrap on the card...

    Nathan McCarter Written by Nathan McCarter about 4 months ago 3,336 reads 4 comments

  2. UFC 167 Results: 3 Prelim Fighters Who Should Fight on the Main Card Next Time

    With UFC 167 boasting an all-star cast, several talented fighters forfeited the main card spotlight and were left to compete in the prelims of the 20th anniversary fight card...

    Jordy McElroy Written by Jordy McElroy about 8 months ago 2,848 reads 0 comments