1. College Football Better Watch out for Rich Rod and Arizona in 2015

    At the end of Rich Rodriguez 's third year at his previous job, despite marked improvement, he was sent packing...

    Brian Pedersen Written by Brian Pedersen about 2 months ago 6,972 reads 52 comments

  2. Rich Rodriguez Gets the Last Laugh over Michigan

    The irony was almost too much to handle. On Tuesday, Michigan officially announced what had been expected for some time: the firing of head coach Brady Hoke ...

    Ben Kercheval Written by Ben Kercheval about 3 months ago 39,626 reads 198 comments

  3. Rich Rodriguez Is Vindicated, but Will He Be Lured to a Big Program Again?

    We like our happily-ever-afters in sports. The final gun and the final score. Rich Rodriguez has won the vindication war with Michigan. The end. You know the story: He was never accepted and then was thrown out for not being a true Michigan Man...

    Greg Couch Written by Greg Couch about 5 months ago 25,217 reads 47 comments

  4. Rich Rodriguez's Unorthodox New Contract Could Open Pandora's Box

    What if, as part of its courting of Nick Saban , Texas was able to offer him an enormous salary—say $7 million a season—and ownership in a handful of gas stations spread ...

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  5. Arizona Wildcats Football: Why Ka'Deem Carey Was Undrafted in First Three Rounds

    There seems to be a running theme in the reasons given for former Arizona Wildcats running back Ka'Deem Carey going unselected in the first three rounds of the NFL draft: "Character issues...

    Javier Morales Written by Javier Morales about 10 months ago 2,484 reads 0 comments

  6. Top College Football Offenses with Biggest Holes to Fill in Spring Practice

    A season ago, offense was the most popular currency in the college football marketplace. Passers put up big numbers, running backs added to yardage totals and receivers were there to break defensive backs' ankles to turn short receptions into big gains..

    Michael Felder Written by Michael Felder about 12 months ago 12,068 reads 26 comments