1. Daniel Bryan Needs to Forfeit the WWE Intercontinental Championship

    The WWE has a problem, and his name is Daniel Bryan . Think about that statement for a minute. Let it sink in. And then exhale and agree, because it’s true...

    James Moffat Written by James Moffat about 17 days ago 16,914 reads 27 comments

  2. WWE Classic of the Week: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho from Payback 2013

    The inaugural Payback pay-per-view featured a number of quality matches, including a Three Stages of Hell match between John Cena and Ryback for the WWE ...

    Erik Beaston Written by Erik Beaston about 17 days ago 8,525 reads 22 comments

  3. WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from May 4

    In one of the most memorable Raw moments thus far in 2015, Sami Zayn made his main roster debut Monday night as he stepped up to the plate and challenged John Cena for the United States Championship in front of his hometown fans in Montreal.

    Erik Beaston Written by Erik Beaston about 17 days ago 50,258 reads 124 comments

  4. WWE Payback 2015: Booking Decisions That Must Be Made at PPV

    Following a hit-and-miss edition of Extreme Rules last month, the forthcoming Payback pay-per-view gives plenty of food for thought regarding the direction of some of the WWE 's top stars...

    Aaron Bower Written by Aaron Bower about 17 days ago 32,902 reads 56 comments

  5. Sami Zayn Injury: Updates on WWE Star's Shoulder and Return

    Sami Zayn made a name for himself in front of the Raw crowd Monday night, but his fantastic effort against John Cena might have come at a physical cost. Continue for updates. Zayn Injured in Match with Cena Tuesday, May 5 According to WWE.

    Joseph Zucker Written by Joseph Zucker about 17 days ago 88,357 reads 93 comments

  6. WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 4

    It wasn't just the rowdy, spirited Montreal fans who made the May 4 edition of WWE Raw such a blast. Inspiration clearly spurred on the creative team. Surprises popped up all night...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 17 days ago 150,330 reads 364 comments

  7. WWE's Adrian Neville Surprises Brave 11-Year-Old Who Helped Stop Home Invasion

    After hearing about the courageous story of 11-year-old Ethan Reno and his mother thwarting a home invasion, WWE star Adrian Neville wanted to do something to reward the youngster for his bravery...

    Kyle Newport Written by Kyle Newport about 18 days ago 56,400 reads 47 comments

  8. WWE Raw: Live Results, Reaction and Analysis for May 4

    Welcome to Bleacher Report's live WWE Raw coverage for May 4. Millions of people tuned in to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. battle Manny Pacquiao on May 2, and many were left disappointed after the fight was over...

    The Doctor Chris Mueller Written by The Doctor Chris Mueller about 18 days ago 91,016 reads 1101 comments

  9. Hulk Hogan's Potential WrestleMania 32 Bout Has to Be a Tag Team Match

    Hulk Hogan stepping into the ring at WrestleMania 32 is an insane idea, but making sure he's in a tag team contest tempers that insanity. If Hogan is dead set on making a comeback, the only feasible way to do it is to make him a glorified manager..

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 18 days ago 23,454 reads 73 comments

  10. Power Ranking Bad News Barrett and Every King of the Ring Winner

    Bad News Barrett added his name to WWE's royal lineage by taking home the King of the Ring crown last week. A hurried tournament and a lack of hype holds him back, though, from becoming one of the most iconic winners of the tournament...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 18 days ago 29,209 reads 46 comments

  11. WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for May 4

    It's time to crank up the hype machine on the May 4 edition of Raw — WWE Payback is fast approaching...

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  12. WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 5/4/2015: WWE King of the Ring 2015 Edition

    It was a surprisingly eventful week in WWE this past week, and the WWE Superstar Power Rankings have seen some changes in the aftermath of the King of the Ring tournament...

    Alex Musso Written by Alex Musso about 18 days ago 82,034 reads 44 comments

  13. John Cena Must Take Loss vs. Rusev at WWE Payback 2015

    Over the last several months, John Cena has helped bring validity back to the United States Championship, but it’s about time he helped the future of the company by putting Rusev over at the 2015 edition of WWE ’s Payback...

    Donald Wood Written by Donald Wood about 18 days ago 97,946 reads 154 comments

  14. WWE Payback 2015: Superstars Who Will Shine Under PPV Spotlight

    The past several weeks of WWE programming have been lackluster at best, but the company has a chance to buck the trend by producing a quality pay-per-view at Payback 2015...

    Donald Wood Written by Donald Wood about 18 days ago 13,910 reads 11 comments

  15. WWE Payback 2015: Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to PPV

    The excitement leading into Payback isn ’t as high as WWE would have hoped, but the continued development of several top storylines should be enough to build legitimate excitement for this secondary pay-per-view...

    Donald Wood Written by Donald Wood about 18 days ago 11,588 reads 17 comments

  16. Dean Ambrose's Lack of Identity Will Keep Him Stagnant

    The greatest compliments of Dean Ambrose are drowned in nostalgia. WWE fans and personnel can't help but compare him to legends of yesteryear. And while this seems like an honor of the highest degree, it's anything but...

    Alfred Konuwa Written by Alfred Konuwa about 19 days ago 28,626 reads 208 comments

  17. WWE Missed Opportunities: King of the Ring Should Be Higher Priority

    This past week, WWE fans witnessed the crowning of a brand new King of the Ring. Bad News Barrett defeated Neville in the finals to join a list of winners that includes nine men who are members of the WWE Hall of Fame...

    Travis Wakeman Written by Travis Wakeman about 20 days ago 18,493 reads 42 comments

  18. WWE Superstar of the Week for May 2

    It's been a very exciting week in the land of World Wrestling Entertainment. Not only did Extreme Rules meet and exceed expectations, but we also got the return of the King of the Ring tournament on the WWE Network...

    The Doctor Chris Mueller Written by The Doctor Chris Mueller about 20 days ago 4,380 reads 9 comments

  19. Projecting Where Bad News Barrett, King of Ring Participants Go Next

    If the recent King of the Ring tournament felt familiar to viewers, there's a reason: It's essentially the same group—save Sheamus and Neville—that's been vying for the Intercontinental Championship since March...

    James Moffat Written by James Moffat about 20 days ago 9,223 reads 17 comments

  20. WWE Programming's Best Match for Week of April 25

    It's been a truly standout week for in-ring action in WWE —certainly one of the best in some time. Between Extreme Rules, King of the Ring and a solid set of television broadcasts, top-tier matches have not been in short supply...

    Brad Jones Written by Brad Jones about 20 days ago 3,941 reads 9 comments

  21. Extreme Rules, Johnny Mundo and Latest WWE News and Rumors from Ring Rust Radio

    Ring Rust Radio is the best wrestling show on the airwaves, and this week was no different. With strong opinions on Extreme Rules, Roman Reigns and more, this is where you need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets...

    Mike  Chiari Written by Mike Chiari about 20 days ago 40,891 reads 15 comments

  22. Damien Sandow's New Gimmick Is a Waste of a Good Babyface

    For a brief, honest moment Monday night, Damien Sandow became human. He opened up to fans about an odyssey of portraying silly characters...

    Alfred Konuwa Written by Alfred Konuwa about 21 days ago 37,347 reads 57 comments

  23. Breaking Down the Best and Worst of the WWE for Week of April 27

    Powerhouses, women warriors and a newly crowned king grabbed hold of WWE fans at the close of April. Extreme Rules disappointed in its level of violence, but WWE made up for it with the surprise of bringing back the King of the Ring tournament...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 21 days ago 17,578 reads 26 comments

  24. WWE Payback 2015: Stars Under the Most Pressure at PPV

    After one of the worst Extreme Rules pay-per-views in recent memory, the WWE will be looking to bounce back with a much better showing at the 2015 edition of Payback on May 17...

    Donald Wood Written by Donald Wood about 21 days ago 15,262 reads 13 comments

  25. Is WWE Wasting Bray Wyatt in a Feud with Ryback?

    Bray Wyatt attacked Ryback on Monday Night Raw and appears to be entering a feud with The Big Guy...

    Team Stream Now Written by Team Stream Now about 21 days ago 17,253 reads 101 comments