1. Prince Amukamara says he had MRSA in college. Knows plenty about it. #Giants

  2. Prince amukamara said he dealt with MRSA in college. In his case though they got it quickly.

  3. The Prince Amukamara spots with @JoeandEvan are highly entertaining.

  4. Prince Amukamara on Devon Kennard: "He's been amazing."

  5. Prince Amukamara: "I think our front 7, they just really love a challenge."

  6. Prince Amukamara on WFAN re: Spags: "He's really just been changing the mentality of our defense, the mind-set, and that's just to attack."

  7. Prince Amukamara, Landon Collins and Brandon Meriweather played all 75 defensive snaps for #Giants.

  8. Kerry Wynn, Devon Kennard, Prince Amukamara and Landon Collins were outstanding. https://t.co/1SjLaXz8aD

  9. Prince Amukamara asked DE Kerry Wynn, "Which round did we draft you in?" Wynn, who was not drafted, thought Prince was messing with him.

  10. Prince Amukamara forces and recovers a fumble with 6:22 left and that should pretty much do it from here.

  11. Prince Amukamara pulls the ball out from Robert Woods, Landon Collins was pulling at the ball, too, and Prince recovers.

  12. Meanwhile, Prince Amukamara making a VERY good case for a new contract and rich pay day.

  13. Prince Amukamara with the superb pass breakup forces a Bills 4th down! #NYGvsBUF http://t.co/Ck48DYWWso

  14. Prince Amukamara continuing his strong play this season, knocks that one away from Robert Woods.

  15. Another third-down stop, this courtesy of Prince Amukamara, forces a 51-yard Bills field goal. Score tied at 3-3.

  16. Tremendous play by Prince Amukamara to break up that pass.

  17. Good coverage by Prince Amukamara on that 3rd-down play. Buffalo has to settle for 3. #giants

  18. Prince Amukamara on Cruz: "I just keep telling him it’s a long season. When we get him back there’s going to be great things to see.''

  19. Prince Amukamara said he reminded Cruz that it's a "long, long season" and there will be plenty of time to help the team.

  20. Prince Amukamara says he expects the #Giants to respond well this week after getting their first win.

  21. Prince Amukamara on WFAN on Rex Ryan, whom he calls a real good coach: "It's just different. I think he's just a little bit more toned down"

  22. Prince Amukamara on @WFAN660 says Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is like a coach on the field, important to get him back on the field.

  23. Prince Amukamara joked he didn't think Tyrod Taylor wanted to throw any passes at 1st to him because he was a corner and not a WR.